Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Sickle

Sickles are farming implements used to harvest wheat and other plants when they are ripe and ready. They are also often used in certain religious practices. This Sickle appears to be made of one solid piece of metal with no sign of tool marks. The handle is not wrapped and must be grasped straight on the metal. There is a slightly electric feel to the Sickle.

As a custom move, the Wielder may harvest wounds. In doing so, they cut the wound out of one target (causing them to heal) and must immediately by tossed aside to grant the wound to something else. This leaves unusual scars on the individuals healed, but those usually fade away.

Roll +Weird
  • On a 10+ the Wielder can remove 2-Harm from a subject and transfer it to some other target, ignoring armor.
  • On a 7-9 the Wielder can remove 1-Harm from the subject and transfer it to another target, ignoring armor.
  • On a miss the Wielder either deals 1-Harm or else must suffer 2-Harm. No injury is healed.
This is the most straightforward of the artifacts on first glimpse, but Keeper should consider whether or not the effect is limited to living creatures. If not, the Wielder might be able to remove damage from one object and transfer it to another object, making any of a number of applications possible.

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