Friday, September 4, 2015

It's a Small Curse Prep Page

A small town is having some curious troubles. A number of unusual incidents of seeming bad luck have been plaguing the town. Local animals have become scarce and there's been a few unlikely car accidents and injuries. Odd mists have come down on the town as well.

Wednesday 23rd - Slot 3 - 5pm to 10pm (Japan Time) - It's a Small Curse - Monster of the Week

This is an investigation set in the Divine Blood universe using the Monster of the Week game.

The characters could be:
  • Amateur Occult Investigators with no clue what they're getting into.
    • Works best with The Flake, The Snoop, The Mundane, The Big Game Hunter, The Changeling, The Spooky, The Hard Case and the Wronged (people that have some knowledge but not lots of holes in what they know).
  • A Low-Risk Psyche freelancer team expecting a naturally occurring easily dealt with curse.
    • Likely to have an Expert
  • A High-Risk Psyche freelancer team investigating the disappearance of the low-risk team.
    • Possible to have a Professional as a full member of the Psyche secretarial pool.
  • A Sorcerer Family team representing a family that has holdings in the area.
    • Likely to have an Initiate
  • A Socrates Group team due to there being a settlement of cosmological immigrants in the area.
    • Likely to have a Professional and/or an Expert
  • A Government or other Psychic team investigating the situation.
    • Likely to have a Professional and/or Spooky
  • A Shadow or Eye of Ra Team determining the threat to a nearby Nirvana or Yomi property.
    • Likely to have a Divine (God or Demon)
  • A Mixed Bag coming for their own reasons.
    • Up in the air but this is likely the first time they've met so the history might be dealt with a little differently.
As noted in the reskinning article below, playbooks like The Mundane can still be a supernatural race in Divine Blood. For example, if there is a reincarnated God or Demon in the area with a personality like Thor's or Ares' then they're not likely to sit back and do nothing even if they're effectively children or teens without much power at the moment.

Monster of the Week Player Aids
Reskinning Monster of the Week to Divine Blood

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