Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Exhaustion Mini-Con

This semi-pretentious title is what I am calling my decision to run nine one-shot games over the course of my five-day vacation in later September.

Mostly it was cancelled due to schedule conflicts, illness, lack of interest and other assorted reasons.

The games in question will be held on google+ hangouts and broadcast live. Some of these games are just me wanting to get a shot at the systems or settings in question. Some are me getting practice before Virtuacon comes in October.

Here they are with links to the google events:
  • Saturday 19th 12pm to 5pm - Loss of Life - GUMSHOE (Trail of Cthulhu rules) - Set in Divine Blood of the 1920s (I would really like 6 characters for this) (Canceled due to lack of players.)
  • Sunday 20th 11pm to 4am - Just a Game - Powered by the Apocalypse rules - Characters are MMO players stuck in the game.
    • Completed - 2 Players, 1 hr char gen, 1 hr game play
  • Monday 21st 10am to 3pm - Don't Let the Sun Go Down - Fate Accelerated - Divine Blood setting (Canceled due to lack of players)
  • Monday 21st - Slot 2 - 5pm to 10pm - Tournament of Fate - Monster of the Week - A contest across a city fighting over artifacts that can save or destroy the world.
  • Tuesday 22nd - Slot 1 -12am to 5am - Just a Game - Fate Core - Characters are MMO players stuck in the game.
  • Tuesday 22nd - Slot 2 - 12pm to 5pm - Day at the Fair - Divine Blood RPG (Fate-Based) - It's the day of the fundraising fair. This is definitely not going to be ruined by shenanigans and supernatural puberty issues.
  • Wednesday 23rd - Slot 1 - 12am to 5am - Gods and Monsters - Fate Core - The characters are gods in the early days of the world.
  • Wednesday 23rd - Slot 2 - 11am to 4pm - Worlds in Peril - Superhero Gaming via Powered by the Apocalypse - Earth is an ancient, natural nexus of interdimensional gates and allowing natives the potential of gaining superhuman abilities.
  • Wednesday 23rd - Slot 3 - 5pm to 10pm - It's a Small Curse - Monster of the Week rekinned for Divine Blood - A small town is experience strange events, the players investigate.
Times given are Japanese time zone. The google event page should give you the appropriate time for your zone.

Note: I am listing the durations at 5:30. My planned duration is five hours, I'm having the time go past that so we don't get cut off. My one-shots usually run three to four hours, but I have gone five before. We will take breaks as needed.

Another note: I have had issues in the past with google+ hangouts. I suspect most of those are now things that won't be an issue.  However, the account which will be hosting these events does not yet have a die-roller available so it will be the honor system unless I can get someone to help me add a roller app to that account before these begin.  Even then, I might prefer using the honor system, we'll see.

I am doing theater of the mind so not using Roll20. The one-shots will be broadcast to my youtube channel, so keep that in mind. Cameras are not required, I don't mind if you come on with just a graphic representing yourself.

Prep Pages

I'll add prep-pages as I create them.

Game systems utilized:

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