Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kiritsugu Emiya - Monster of the Week

Known as the Magus Killer, Kiritsugu Emiya was a freelance magus who often used what other magi considered to be "uncouth" means to kill his targets. He often did work for the Clocktower in tracking down rogue magi experimenting with Dead Apostle research or other dangerous subject matter. His life was based on the hope of eventually finding a way to end suffering for all people so that they could live happily.

Most magi approach combat as a sort of ceremonial or formal duel where one-side attempts to kill the other and then explains what they have done. Kiritsugu instead approaches battle in the same manner that normal people approach it. He considers war to be a hell which he one day hopes to end and he will use any and all means at his disposal to end whatever conflict he is currently in with the most efficiency. While he tries to avoid civilian casualties, he will usually show no hesitation to sacrifice the few to protect the many. Even when those few are his loved ones. The differences between his approach to battle and that of other magi is telling.

His Thompson Contender is rarely used since he has only a very limited number of bullets for it. The contender fires his "Origin Bullets" which his mentor made by using powdered bits of his ribs and thus contain his mystical origin of "cutting and retying" such that a magus shot with the gun will have their mystic circuits cut and then retied in a way that makes it impossible for them to use magecraft again. It can only hold one bullet and I am going to say he has three bullets left.

Kiritsugu Emiya
Playbook: The Expert

Look: A serious, hard looking Japanese man with a clean-shaven face and emotionless expression. Dressed in dark clothes.

Charm -1, Cool +2, Sharp +3, Tough +0, Weird +2

Magical Laboratory
Panic Room

The Man with the Plan
Bottle it Up
Inhuman Talent (Time manipulation)
Advanced Act Under Pressure
Advanced Read a Bad Situation

Gear: Thompson Contender (3-Harm Close Magic Disrupting Reload Three Bullets), Submachine Gun (3-harm close area loud reload)
Professional Move: Bottle it Up
Changeling Move: Inhuman Talent (Time manipulations)
Weird +1
Cool +1
Sharp +1
Act Under Pressure Advanced, Read a Bad Situation Advanced

Luck: OOO (one-shot scenario)

Note: Kiritsugu's haven represents things he can set up easily in a field operation via magecraft or smuggling weapons.


  1. Canonically he started with 64 bullets and died with 41.

    1. Which would be about the same as no limit in a one-shot like this.


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