Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mai Taniyama - Monster of the Week

Mai Taniyama was a rather normal girl with an independent attitude and a particular appreciation for ghost stories. Then one day some strange older teenager appeared at her school. It turns out he had graduated from college young and was being hired to investigate a haunting in an old building the school was trying to tear down. Both she learned that, her curiosity about the activities at the other building resulted in the injury of the young man's assistant (and bodyguard) as well as damage to some of his equipment. She was convinced to help him with the case in repayment and stayed on at his company afterwards.

Eventually it turned out that she was something of a latent psychic herself and has been slowly learning about how to use her abilities to investigate ghosts and other hauntings. As it currently stands, she has to be asleep to use her best innate abilities and lacks confidence with the spells and incantations she's been learning from the buddhist, the shintoist and the Catholic priest. She also still tends to be a little impulsive. Aside from the sleep thing, her "Dark Side" is mostly her personality being.

Mai often helps conduct interviews, gets coffee, interacts with people that her boss has insulted with his attitude and almost invariably hits upon the hidden threads in any case.

Mai Taniyama
Initial Playbook: The Mundane
Current Playbook: The Spooky

Charm +3, Cool +0, Sharp +1, Tough -1, Weird +1

Look: An average looking high schooler who can be very emotional and has a hard time keeping her impulses under control.

Dark Side: Sleep (Her Spooky Moves are most reliable and powerful while she is asleep and dreaming), Poor Impulse Control, Mood Swings

Trust Me
What Could Go Wrong?
Let's Get Out of Here
Tune In
The Sight

Gear: Bicycle, Golf Club, Clipboard, Shoulder Bag
Charm +1
Luck +1
Luck +1
Mundane Move: What Could Go Wrong?
Mundane Move: Let's Get Out of Here
Change Playbook: The Spooky (Lost Always the Victim)

Luck: OOOOO (one-shot scenario)

Note: I switched her Tough and Sharp stats. Mai is no fighter, but she's smarter than she sometimes acts.

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