Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dean Winchester - Monster of the Week

The elder of the Winchester brothers, Dean lives as if he is perpetually stuck in an 80s action movie and oozes the confidence and rebellious rock and roll attitude of the heroes of such movies. He has been hunting monsters most of his life, been dead and come back several times. Hell, he's been a monster at least a couple of times. He's met monsters he rather respects and met hunters he rather hates and has thumbed his nose at everything from Heaven to Hell and in between. He's romanced women, reapers, monsters and who knows what else.

He's Dean.

Dean Winchester's history is rather complex, as is to be expected from a main character of a show that has been running for around ten years. Chances are, if you were drawn to Monster of the Week then it's likely you've seen the show. I myself have only seen much of the first four seasons, I've had horrible luck getting the rest of it since Hulu moved it to the pay section.

I could conceivably write up a supremely powerful and advanced Dean Winchester with multiple playbook changes, but I think I'll stick with The Wronged for this.

Dean Winchester
Playbook: The Wronged

Charm +1, Cool +1, Sharp +0, Tough +3, Weird -1 

A Demon killed my mother.

Look: Reasonably tall and broad-shouldered, short-cropped blonde hair and dressed in a leather jacket and looking like the epitome of the 80s tough guy.

I Know My Prey
What Does Not Kill Me...
Advanced Kick Some Ass
Advanced Protect Other
Mobility: (Impala: Classic, Concealed Weapons, Gas-Guzzler)

Gear: Hand Cannon (3-harm close loud), Hunting Rifle (2 harm far loud), Big Knife (1 harm hand), Armor 1
Tough +1
Chosen Move: Devastating
Professional Move: Mobility (Impala: Classic, Concealed Weapons, Gas-Guzzler)
Haven: Armory, Protection Spells
Haven: Oubliette
Advanced Kick Some Ass, Advanced Protect Other

Luck: OOO (one-shot scenario)

Note: I switched the normal positions for Cool and Sharp with that stat set. Dean can keep his cool fairly well but isn't always the brightest. Also, his haven represents stuff he can set up from the things he carries in the Impala.

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