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Chimera Sirens: The Protege - Jade Chimera

Minako Kita, 5'5" 104 lbs
Jade Chimera - Minako Kita - Age 18
The Protege
Woman, Indistinctly Asian, Conservative Clothes, Armored Costume

Mentor's Power: Magical Training
Personal Power: Twilight World Evolution
(Enhanced Hearing, Nightvision, Magically Inert)
Shared Power: Air Control

Labels - Creation

Freak +1
Danger -1
Savior +0
Superior +2
Mundane +1

Labels - Session One

Freak +0
Danger -1
Savior +3
Superior +3
Mundane +0

Potential - 

Condition - Guilty 


How did you first meet your mentor?
Minako is a survivor of an alien ship crash and even as a small child was displaying abilities t o control air. The Japanese government set her up with a cover family and hired the retired Canadian air-controller Hillary Aquash, better known as the Wendigo, to train her.

When and why did you choose to train with them?
Minako has been training with the Wendigo most of her life. Her apprenticeship was chosen by the Japanese government.

Why did she agree to train you?
Hillary was curious about Minako and also considered it a responsibility to help the next generation handle their gifts. Though Minako wonders if there's something more to it.

Who else, outside the team, knows about your training?
Her adoptive older brother is aware of both her extraterrestrial origin and  her training with the Wendigo. He himself is also an agent of the Japanese government.

Why do you care about the team?
Minako believes that they need someone to give them cohesion and focus. In addition this is a chance to prove to everyone that she has what it takes to be a leader.

Jade Chimera


Minako and Kyou have worked together in the past. She had at first assumed that Kyou was just a reckless teen but then learned that she started her training as a hero almost as early as Minako had. Still Kyou is a bit reckless at times.

The Wendigo is wary of Katja after witnessing her inhuman form and has asked Minako to keep an eye on her. She hasn't given any other explanation than that. Unfortunately, Minako has made that difficult by antagonizing the other girl.






Minako holds Influence over Katja, Kyou and Ayako.

Minako owes Influence to Katja due to feeling guilty about spying on her.

Minako owes influence to her mentor: Hillary Acquin, aka The Wendigo


  • Fireside Chat - When you seek advice from your Mentor, roll + the Label they embody. On a
    hit they give you insightful advice. On a 10+, mark potential if you follow their advice, and
    take +1 ongoing for as long as you do. On a 7-9, you get +1 forward to see it through. On a miss, they don't have time for you because something big has gone down. Mark a condition, GM's choice. 
  • Venting Frustration - When you directly engage while you are Angry, you can roll + the Label your mentor denies and clear Angry.
  • Heroic Tradition - When you give someone the advice that you think your mentor would give, you can roll + the Label your mentor embodies to comfort or support someone, instead of rolling + Mundane.

Mentor and Resources

The Wendigo embodies the Label of Savior and denies the idea that anybody is a Freak, which is part of what makes her concern regarding Katja stand out to Minako.

The Wendigo used her contacts to arrange some resources for Minako separate from those provided by the Japanese government do via the Chimera Sirens Project.

  • A Base
  • Communications
  • Security Systems


  • Add +2 to the Label your Mentor embodies or denies. (Savior, embodies) - Consequences and Discoveries

Team Moves

  • When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask them if you were a good leader or effective team mate. If they say yes, your mentor loses Influence over you and you mark potential. If they say no, your mentor gains Influence over you and take +1 forward on using the label your mentor embodies. 
  • When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, tell them a secret about your mentor (including your feelings towards them). Give them Influence over you and add a team to the pool.


  • Session One: Consequences and Discoveries
    • Talked to Katja about being too reckless, suggested training.
    • Met with her mentor who criticized her team's lack of training.
    • The Wendigo asked her to investigate Katja Holgersson.
    • Learned more about possession and Brethren.
    • Led the team into getting training set-up with Himura.

The Process of Creation

Okay for Protege, we're first going to figure out upbringing and nationalities of herself and her mentor.

Well, rolling on the Central Casting's Ancestry chart I get "born in a foreign country" so we'll go to Central Casting's country of origin...but I'm going to say she's ethnically Japanese, just born and raised outside the country. However, instead of rolling, I'm going to say that she was living in Finland.

Rolling on the Ninjas and Superspies family history I get that she was raised by the government primarily. So now, I've got this idea that her parents were in Finland in relation to business for the Japanese government as a cover for the character to be raised in isolation and protected from other elements.
Now the nature of her tutor. They're Canadian.

I'm going to go ahead and roll her main power-set now using Heroes Unlimited. I'll re-roll stuff that don't really make sense.

The character is an alien and the last of her people. Her ship crash-landed in Japan as a child and she was the only survivor, though one of the crew survived long enough to speak to the government officials that investigated the crash...said crew member spoke Japanese somehow. Their deathbed statement was to request that the child be taken care of.

So this is what I'm thinking, the Japanese government realizes they have an alien child and set her off with a pair of parents to be raised in Finland outside of public sight and track down and hire a retired superhero to help her learn how to control her abilities as she gets older.

She has slightly pointy ears, they sort of curl back like stereotypical vampire ears more than elf ears. Her hair is also naturally green.  Her species comes from a twilight world where there is very little light. She's about 5'5" and weighs about 104 lbs. She otherwise looks very human, research has discovered that her species and humanity are actually closely related somehow, and Japanese enough to be passed off as the child of a couple of Japanese emissaries.

As a shared ability I decide that both she and her mentor both control wind. As her unique power, I'm going to say that she's been given some armor by the government. As for her mentor, their unique power is that she can do magic and is one of the Brethren (Kyou's legacy) on top of their wind control. Rolling determines her mentor is female and for the heck of it, I'm thinking that she worked under the name Wendigo.

Anyway, back to the Protege. I'm going to go ahead and say that she has one sibling, a brother. An older orphan who was placed with her family to give the family a bit of extra cover.

For clothing style, I'm going to say that she dresses very properly for a young woman. (btw, I've set her age at 18) and that she has a rather conservative hair style but she likes wide-brimmed hats after seeing footage of the rich people at an American horse race once. Her costume is the armor she was provided by the government painted up along with the colors of the team.

Personality: Introverted, Intellectual and Detached (I just decided this based on her background of being raised in more or less isolation)
Philosophy of Life: Honor is Everything
Who she Values Most: A Hero (her mentor)
What she Values Most: That others respect her
Prized Possession: A hologram projector that shows images of people she assumes are her biological family.
World View: No one understands me.

Her sibling is overall neutral to her. He likes her well enough but is put off by her introverted nature. He can be a bit protective of her, which is funny given her natural abilities.

For her Labels she adds +1 to Mundane.

Freak +1, Danger -1, Savior +0, Superior +2, Mundane +1

Her Mentor embodies Savior and denies Freak.

For moves she rolls up: Venting Frustration, Heroic Tradition and The Fireside Chat

For resources from her Mentor she gets: a base, a med lab and security systems. The Wendigo used her resources to help set these up for the Protege independent of the Japanese government.

I'll do Influences and Relationships later when all the characters are created.

For now it's on to name.

From behind the name we get Minako Kita.

For her hero name she's going to get Jade Chimera.

Minako is homosexual.

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