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Chimera Sirens: The Legacy - Amber Chimera

Amber Chimera 5'4" 101 lbs
Amber Chimera - Kyou Higa - Age 17
The Legacy
Woman, Okinawan, Raver Clothes, Traditional Costume

Divine Visions, Magical Training, Aquatic Adaptation, Multi-Dimensionality, God-Like Beauty

Labels - Creation

Freak +0
Danger -1
Savior +2
Superior +1
Mundane +1


 Labels - Session One

Freak +0
Danger -2
Savior +3
Superior +2
Mundane +0

Potential -


When did you officially become part of your Legacy?
Kyou was recognized as one of the Brethren when she was ten years old and began her training at that time.

What's the best story you've heard about your Legacy?
There are so many to choose from, but for her mind it is somewhere between Momotarou and Cu Cuchlain, both of whom are supposed to have been Brethren.

How does the public perceive your Legacy?
The Brethren are largely considered to be myths and legends. Even the modern ones rarely stand out from other known superheroes and people tend to assume that the ancient stories were overblown. As to her specific branch of the Legacy and how it is perceived in Japan. The exorcists and priestesses of her family are seen as quaint sort of country heroes.

How does your Legacy tie into your reasons for being a Hero?
Being Brethren is a biological concern, unlike other magicians it can't simply be ignored. The power will build whether she controls it or not. And things from other realities, intelligent or otherwise, will use her to successfully reach into this world. Kyou has rebelled against some of the traditions of her specific family, but she feels the responsibility heavily.

Why do you care about the team?
There is something about the other girls that is tickling the back of her mind. She's not entirely sure what it is. She suspects that Ayako may be from a branch of the Brethren bloodline and it seems certain that Katja's Mabui (her self or soul) has been corrupted or at least changed by something from another reality. The others she's not certain of exactly why they interest her.
Kyou Higa, Raver


Once she had gone out clubbing with Ayako a week or so after meeting her and was caught returning drunk by her elder sister.

She trusts Minako and has admitted a secret about the Brethren to her. She admitted that the dividing line between a true Brethren and someone from a related bloodline is a matter of an inborn ability rather than training. She also related that her second oldest sister went rogue over the revelation.


Kyou has Influence over Ayako.

Kyou owes Influence to Katja, Minako, Ayako, and Umeko.


  • I Know What I Am - Once per scene, when you defend a teammate you can shift Savior up and another label down in addition to any other benefits from the move, even on a miss.
  • The Legacy Matters - Whenever you accept what someone from your legacy tells you who
    you are or how the world works, mark potential and take +1 forward.
  • The Legacy - At the start of the session, roll + Savior to see how the members of your legacy feel or react to your most recent exploits. On a hit, one of them offers you meaningful encouragement, an opportunity, or an advantage. On a 7-9, another is upset with your most recent actions, and will make their displeasure known. On a miss, something you did stirred up the hornet's nest---expect several members of your legacy to meddle with your life.
    • Her cousin Maya is still an active member of the Brethren within Japan
    • Her sister Jun is retired due to injuries and judgmental. Their mother was altered by an assimilation with an extradimensional entity of a species Maya hates and Ayako and her younger siblings are heavily marked by that species though she looks human. She's aware of her own prejudice and tries to deal with it.
    • Her younger sister Kimiko has already been identified as a true Brethren.
    • Her second oldest sister, Hinako became insanely jealous when their parents told her that being Brethren was a matter of genetics not magical study and hard training. She has since gone rogue.
Your legacy comes with traditions you're expected to uphold. At the end of each session, ask the other players to answer these questions about your performance. For each “no” answer, take -1 forward on your next start of session roll.

    • Did you uphold the traditions of your legacy?
    • Did you maintain the image of your legacy?
    • Did you make the other members of your legacy proud?
  • Sanctuary - You have a place where you can rest, recover, and reflect upon your powers.
    • Three features
      • Teleportal/Dimensional Bridge
      • Meditation Space
      • Library of Ancient Tomes
    • Two Downsides
      • Difficult to access
      • Draws dangerous attention.
    • When you call upon the deeper nature of your powers in your sanctuary, you can solve impossible problems. Say what you want to do. The GM will give you one to four conditions you must fulfill to complete your solution:
      • First, you must ___________
      • You'll need help from __________
      • You and your team will risk danger from ___________
      • The best you can do is a lesser version, unreliable and limited.
      • You'll have to obtain ___________.
      • (Doom track option is removed since this is a Legacy sanctuary)


  • Take a Sanctuary from the Doomed Playbook. - Consequences and Discoveries

Team Moves

  • When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, tell them whether you see them as an equal. If you do, give them Influence over you and mark potential. If you don't, shift Superior up and any other label down.
  • When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, tell them a secret about your legacy (including your own true feelings about it) to clear a Condition and give them Influence over you.


  • Session One: Consequences and Discoveries
    • Spoke to Ayako about revealing her identity to Minako and Katja.
    • Was asked by Katja to train her.
    • Was lectured on her perceived cowardice by her family.
    • Insisted that she was fulfilling a necessary role.
    • Was told to stop trying to fit in with other people.


 The Process of Creation

Okay, now building the Legacy.

To start with I'm going randomly determine the powers of the Legacy in this case.

In this case it's going to be the fourth set of powers: Divine Armor and the like. Rolling for the powers that she doesn't have yet it comes up that she's missing Mythic Might and Legendary Speed.

Which means she's starting with Divine Armor, Magical Weaponry and God-Like Beauty.

Original Hero Machine Picture
And I'm going to go ahead and roll the character's ethnicity to start for which I'm going to Central Casting. I already know this is Japan rolling on the ancestry chart comes up with her as a racial minority from the area. Instead of continuing on Central Casting, I'm heading to Ninjas and Superspies which has a more detailed chart for determining the heritage more specific than a particular nationality (at least as far as Asia goes). Rolling it up, I get a character of Okinawan descent.

Looking up Okinawan myths leads me to the Ryukyuan religion wherein women are the central focus of religion and there appear to be stories of female priestesses and mediums descended from a progenitor goddess. It has also apparently been influenced by several other religions including Shinto, Taoism, Buddhism and even a limited amount of Christianity. This seem good fodder for a superhero origin. (Pretty much every myth is excellent fodder for a superhero origin, really.)

So I'm going to assume that the "armor" in this case are the robes of a Noro priestess and the weapons are probably going to be various implements. I'm going to dip into the concept of having been influenced by Japan and go with the onmyouji paper charms so commonly seen in anime.

I'm also altering the Mythic Might and Legendary Speed to Aquatic Adaptation and Multi-Dimensionality to represent both her development as a Brethren (multi-dimensionality) and the part of her that comes from an extradimensional heritage (in her case a ningyo, basically a mermaid). I'm also replacing Divine Armor with Divine Visions because it goes with a step toward her interdimensionality.

Going ahead and rolling on the height and weight chart there as well I get 5'4" and about 101 lbs. 

Rolling up family, I roll a 7 and a 1 which I can use as a 17 or 71, since I already have a first born, I go with a 71.This makes her 3rd born of 5 which gives me the option of two elder siblings that might have been passed over as the Legacy.

I'm going to go ahead and roll on the Atomik Lifepath for how she relates to her siblings, though I'm going to say that one of her elders hates her from the start.


Sibling One: Hates the character
Sibling Two: Hates the character 

Annnd, look at that, both her elders hate her...interesting. I could reroll the one that I just set, but let's leave it this way.

Sibling Three: Likes the character
Sibling Four: Likes the character

On family background, I roll up that this character is part of a large extended family with members all over the world. This gives me ideas if you extend "family" to include gods, demi-gods and other such entities. 

A glance at the Central Casting charts gives me the idea of an illegitimate heritage which might be why the two older siblings dislike her in addition to the fact that she inherited the legacy somehow. I'm going to suspect that one of her parents is a bit more on the supernatural things. Actually, I'm not going to actually make it illegitimate but there's some event that happened after the birth of her 2nd eldest sister that has the two older members of the family not liking the younger three.

This result doesn't give me much background though, so I'm going to go ahead and roll a bit more on the atomik lifepath.

Unfortunately, both her parents died in an accident. I decide to make that "accident". I roll for age and get a bit younger than I want, given that Katja is 20, so I decide to put her up to 17.

For personality going back to Atomik Lifepath again.

Outside of her Legacy costume, she apparently has a raver/punk style of fashion and she keeps her hair in a crewcut but with bangs. She's bleached her hair and dyed it blonde (funnily enough, when the Legacy became active in her, her hair had been dyed pink...and now pink is her natural color, which she finds moderately'd probably be easier for her to dye her hair back to her original black but likes to stand out still.) and wears spiked boots. At least when not "on duty".

Personality: Extroverted, Friendly and Outgoing (I actually rolled something else, but wanted her to have a lighter personality to contrast her punk appearance and the background of martial arts and religious training).
Philosophy: Honesty is Purity
Who She Most Values: Her siblings
What She Most Values: All Life (Truth was also an option, but rather like this being the core)
Most Valued Possession: A Favorite Book
World View: People Must Earn My Respect, no free rides here (I almost rerolled it but this World View combined with her fashion and friendliness is awesome and might just explain a few things)

Looking through Ninjas and Superspies for Okinawan marital arts I find Te, Isshin-Ryu Karate and Taido. HERO Systems Martial Arts book only has basic Karate without getting into kinds. Taido is the one N&S gives the most mystical powers to, so I'm going to go ahead say that she practices that.

Annd now back to the Masks playbook and rolling which Label to add to, she gets +1 to Superior.

Freak +0, Danger -1, Savior +2, Superior +1, Mundane +1

Now to defining the Legacy:

One of her cousins is still an active and prominent member of the Legacy.
Her elder sister is retired and judgmental. Injuries sustained in battle.
Her youngest sister is the next possible member of the Legacy.
One of her elder sisters is jealous of Ayako being named one of the Brethren when she herself was "passed over" and has turned against the Legacy.

For her other two moves, I roll 2d6 and get: I Know What I Am and The Legacy Matters

I'll set about doing relationships and influence later.

Given her blonde died hair, I'm going to give as her hero name the "Amber Chimera".

As for her name, I'm going with Higa Kyou. Higa is a common Okinawan surname and Kyou is a unisex Japaense name.

Since I figured it out for the Bull, going to go ahead roll Sexuality as well.  Heterosexual.

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