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Idun Fantasy AGE - Preliminary

Okay, so I can't make Fantasy AGE's system match the metaphysics of my setting without a lot of work.  However, I can revert to some basic concepts and use the metaphysics of that system for now.

When I have time later and the inclination to look into licensing issues, I can see about translating Idun into a setting. I also have to check to see about my ownership of the setting with the person who bought the short stories even though their website never launched.

There are a couple of basic concepts that I'm running with:

  • The setting is, on the surface, a very straightforward medieval stasis setting with a raging battle of good vs evil. Or Order vs Might, in this case. It is deliberately set up to look much like a World of Warcraft style clone.
  • The various races are distinct and, as far as the authorities are concerned, do not interbreed. Any half-races that were discovered would likely be in danger of being destroyed along with their families.
  • The straightforward seeming of the world is deceptive and the gods of the world aren't telling the mortals everything.
Some things I'm doing with this running:
  • I'm mostly doing this as part of the GM challenge for 2016 to run 5 systems that we have not previously run. As such, being able to pick up and run is important. This means minimal rules alterations.
  • Going along with the minimal rules alteration situation, Idun for this game will be mostly flavor explaining Mage powers. Getting the AGE set-up to go along with the Idun as I use it in the stories would take too much time.
  • I'm also going to more thoroughly define the basic geography and politics of the world setting beyond the current basics. For ease, I am going to be starting in a local region and building outward from that.
  • I'm going to leave out the two winged races (Altivus and Lyudi) as well as the two forgotten races (Deva and Slaugh). 

The races being used are as follows:
  • Races of Order
    • Caladan - People of Light
      • Correspond to Human
      • Description: Typically dark skin and bright hair and eyes.
      • Cultural Cues: Arthurian, Medieval Moors, Greece
      • Stereotypical Attitude: Bombastic and friendly. Duty oriented.
      • Associated Powers: Light and Courage
    • Daoine - Forest Shadows
      • Correspond to Elf
      • Description: Pale bluish skin, green and brown hair and eyes.
      • Cultural Cues: Robin Hood, Celtic, Wood Elves
      • Stereotypical Attitude: Stand-offish with strangers, festive with friends and family.
      • Associated Powers: Plants and Animals
    • Piehren - River Folk
      • Correspond to Halfling
      • Description: Slightly green or brown skin. Typically bald, occasionally stringy green or brown hair.
      • Cultural Cues: Chinese and Caribbean Pirates, Gypsies, Merfolk
      • Stereotypical Attitude: Casual and relaxed but little tolerance for incompetence.
      • Associated Powers: Water and Weather
  • Races of Might
    • Kuroijin - The Dark Lords
      • Correspond to Human
      • Description: Typically pale skin and dark hair and eyes.
      • Cultural Cues: Japanese, Aztec and Imperial Rome
      • Stereotypical Attitude: Grim, stoic. Ambition focused.
      • Associated Powers: Rage and Death
    • Alnnas - The Desert Brutes
      • Correspond to Orcs
      • Description: Typically brown skined with pronounced incisors and canines. Tall.
      • Cultural Cues: Bedouin, Russians, Mongols
      • Stereotypical Attitude: Brutal, stealthy and fiercely independent.
      • Associated Powers: Sand and Strength.
    • Twerg - The Dwellers in Stone
      • Correspond to Dwarves
      • Description: Typically grey skinned with extravagant beards (male and female). Occasionally clean shaven.
      • Stereotypical Attitudes: American prospectors, Norse, Germans
      • Associated Powers: Stone and Fire.
Political Situation
  • According to the histories, each side paints the other side as factitious owing to various faults and their own side as united (whether by the might of the leaders or by the cooperation to a single goal).
  • Typically, one side or another will slowly build up unity before starting a war with the other side. Then the defending side will take time to form a united resistance and push the enemy back. This usually occurs under the direction of certain chosen speakers for the gods.
  • The kingdoms of Caladan are all individual nations that are not beholden to each other. They are linked by massive rivers and separated by vast expanses of forest where the Daoine dwell. There tends to be a lot of politics between the realms of the Caladan, the Daoine stay out of it mostly and the Piehren manage the trade between the nations.
  • Ostensibly the realms of Kuroijin are united under one Emperor, but there is a lot of intrigue between each of the clans and it is not uncommon for clans to be eliminated entirely. They dominate the Alnnas by knowledge of where the Alnnas Idun fountains lie and the ability to destroy them. The Twerg they buy off, but also constantly seek to find their hidden places in order to similar have power over them.
  • Both the Altivus (angelic winged people) and Lyudi (demonic winged people) live mostly in isolation from the other races and only come down as exiles, runaways or as heralds from the gods.

  • The gods of Order outwardly encourage loyalty and friendliness that are recognized as good while the gods of Might outwardly encourage attitudes of greed and dominance. 
  • Direct servants of the gods seem to have a vacancy to them whenever they are not directly speaking the will of the gods. They show the barest hints of a personality until the god channels through them.

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  1. Fantasy Age doesn't appear to support multiclassing, so I don't think my initial character idea will work. I may just go with Rogue >> Assassin.


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