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Divine Blood - Wasps Among Butterflies - Session Seven - Government Vampyr

This session involves four characters:

  • Arianrhod "Aria" Monica Trengrove, a Perfect Yandere of War, Psyche Raised Succubus who is currently suffering corruption approximating Third Degree Frostburn
  • Sophia Ecks, Voyeuristic Visionary, Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant and Virtual Apex Predator.
  • Sarah Gow, a Napoleonic Werepanther from an Urbanized Tribe who's a Practiced Shapeshifter and is currently Feeling Hunted
  • Katherine "Katie" Lally, a Psyche Vampyr with a Sensitive Side who is a Former Police Officer exhibiting Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity and Clumsy, Former Akira.
Okay "bleed in my clothes" sounds bad.

It seems as if Sophia's brief encounter with the enemy technopath has resulted in her Life-Force settling down and easing the feeling of Hollowness that partially spurred her momentary urge to assimilate the enemy. However, Sophia is still feeling shaken and nervous after the attack by the remote controlled car, even after spending some time among her tribe the lingering paranoia remains and she finds herself looking at every car and unknown person expecting them to turn against her. Similarly, Katie finds herself feeling guilty and starts heading off toward the hospital where the kid she accidentally shot is being treated.

As for Aria, she wakes up in the hospital herself in a circular hospital room with inscribed lines using a combination of feng shui and circle technique to create an area of soothing, calm and encourage her torn and stressed life-force to settle down. Unfortunately, Aria's activity the past couple of days has made it difficult for her to actually make use of the environment to heal and it remains that pretty much every movement she makes feels painful as her skin seems to split in new places as fast as one area heals. Still, bored and fed up with the situation, she painfully walks to the door to ascertain that the nurses are not currently paying attention and then turns to the drawer next to the bed and starts to get dressed. Unfortunately, her skin protests and trying to pull her clothes on results in several outbursts. As such, when she heads back to the door, she hears that one of the nurses is coming to check on the sounds she'd just heard.

At roughly the same time upstairs on the ground level, Katie has used her hypnotic eyes to get the nurse at the reception desk to direct her to where the boy she'd accidentally shot is staying. Walking upstairs past the large waiting area where people are sitting and waiting to be seen for the day to day normal sort of things a person goes to a Japanese hospital for, she goes up three flights of stairs and stops just before walking into the scene of the Japanese regular police interviewing the teenager.
It doesn't hurt, really. She's fine.
Downstairs, Aria decides to walk out of her room as easy and casual as can be. Her manner is so smooth and easy that the nurse almost doesn't recognize her as they pass in the hall. By the time the nurse has realized the patient is walking out, Aria is already in the elevator and starting to head up to the ground floor. Once there, she sees a couple of orderlies coming in her general direction but elects to continue walking at a normal pace and trying to avoid flinching in pain at every step. The orderlies catch up to her but start walking alongside of her trying to argue against her leaving the hospital, eventually noting that her skin is cracking and bleeding through the bandages. Frustrated and sighing, Aria initially gives in and lets them carefully start walking her back to the elevator carefully holding her elbow like a dementia patient.

At about the same time, Sarah shows up at the hospital for her own reasons and blinks as she notes the strange scene and asking herself "Is that Aria being frog-walked away over there?" She starts to follow along, but her lingering mental state and feelings of current paranoia cause her to stand out so that the nurses and Aria both notice her. Aria calls out "Sarah, tell them I'm fine. I bleed in my clothes all the time, tell them."
One of the nurses from downstairs comes out of the elevator in time for this and turns to Sarah, imploring her to make Aria see reason and stay in the hospital where she can recover more quickly. Unfortunately, she claps on Sarah's shoulder as she makes this plea, provoking the jumpy werecat to react with a swift grappling maneuver that she only just barely manages to stop before the entire hospital notices her slamming a nurse against the wall. Shaken, but uncertain of exactly what had just happened, the nurse continues to try to convince Sarah to make Aria see sense while Sarah starts trying to argue that Aria should be fine to go home and recover there.

Sarah tries to point out that Aria would be on light duty for the next few days and that she would be needed in their current investigation. She also lies through her teeth while assuring the nurses that Aria would take it easy, with Assurances given from Aria. There is some initial uncertainty from the nurses who suggest that Aria could do some work from the hospital room. Where they had it designed to treat corruption and had a professional exorcist on hand to control the corruption and make sure it doesn't get worse. Sarah and Aria counter that the succubus could return to sleep in the hospital room every night then.
Sarah notes that there are pieces of equipment that Psyche couldn't transfer to the hospital which Aria would need to have access to. Unfortunately, this provokes Aria into using the armory as an example of such a thing that couldn't be transferred to the hospital. This provokes the nurse into an adamant rant that Aria was in no stretch of the imagination fit for anything even resembling combat and forcing Sarah to try to fervently promise that there wasn't going to be any combat.

Upstairs, one of the Japanese regular cops thought he heard something and starts walking toward where Katie is standing around a corner. Panicking, Katie presses herself back around the corner and accidentally smacks her hand onto the laundry chute causing it to pop open. Without a wall behind her, she tumbles down into the laundry chute, tumbling down four floors miraculously without damage before bursting out into the basement level on a wheeled cart and covered with hospital gowns and other things. She goes zipping past the orderlies, Aria, nurse and Sarah, drawing all eyes and provoking the orderlies to release Aria and dive out of the way as the cart narrowly misses the ailing succubus.

In the confusion, Aria starts walking back to the elevator and Sarah tries to take advantage of that by drawing all attention to Katie by asking her what the hell she was doing there. By the time one of the orderlies asks "where's the scorpion lady?" Aria is already upstairs, out of the building and calling Sophia for a ride.

Sophia goes to pick up Aria's car and then pulls over to the side of the road when Mr. Ryujin calls her about the situation with the recent attack. He is understandably annoyed with the new girl over the whole accidental shooting thing and asks her to get everyone in to report as soon as possible. She notes that Aria was just on the phone asking for a ride, prompting him to ask and make sure that Aria was ready to leave the hospital. Assuring him that the succubus was fine after her two days of rest already, Sophia promises to track down the other two members of their team and come in for a report. Once she reaches the hospital, Aria gets into the people-moving van, puts herself in the very back row of seats and lays down to go to sleep.

Katie's wonderful attempt to deflect suspicion about the gun.

Meanwhile, Katie has noticed that her gun has tumbled out of her jacket and landed in the laundry cart in front of her. One of the orderlies is walking over to see if she's okay, so she snatches up the gun, flashes her old Scotland Yard ID and says "I'm the police, I was just upstairs and someone was trying to deposit it, so I jumped in to get it and now I have to confiscate it for evidence." before putting it back into her jacket holster. Everybody sort of stares at her in confusion before she slips up her sunglasses to uncover her hypnotic eyes and put everyone in a bit of a temporary trance. 
Using hypno-eye power worked somewhat better.
Katie is in the elevator before she realizes that Sarah got caught up in the trance as well and she moves back into the hallway to grab the werecat and pull her into the elevator. This causes the jumpy werecat to react violently, slamming the vampyr against the back of the wall and starting to shift into panther form as Katie tries to clam her down and assure her that she's in a safe place. Thankfully, as the elevator door closes Sarah shakes out of it and the lot of them leave the hospital to meet back up with Sophia and the orderlies and nurse blink awake moments later looking about in confusion.

Hospital Escape Roll20 Play Grid

This was the first session that had all four players though Sophia's player was a bit tired and didn't feel up to doing much. We hit a tie and for the weird twist I almost thought to have Sophia barging into the argument scene for some reason but the players suggested that Katie was already in the hospital. I hadn't been thinking it was the same hospital but I liked their suggestion a lot better than my plan for either pushing Sophia into the scene or having Ryujin call them in the middle of things. Which is how we had the Suddenly Katie situation occur.  I cut the session short myself at about 2.5 hours in order to make it to the gym that night so it was pretty much just this one session. This session also marks the first time that a player has lost a contest, though Sarah came and "rescued" her immediately afterwards. Also, Katie managed to avoid the official and public officers and circumvent people recognizing her from the grainy picture by using psychic powers. Of course, she also demonstrated that she has a long ways to go to get over her akira background and get full control of her powers. I should have made Katie roll for activation on the trance everybody, however, was thinking of it as a minor maneuver still though.

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