Tuesday, July 12, 2016

M-Com Mission Report - Operation Unceasing Prophet Part Two - Monster of the Week Campaign

M-Com Campaign

Thomas's impromtu cry sends up a flurry of alarm and action from both the team and the monster as a burst of flame up the mountainside precedes the tumbling launch of a burning tree that had seemingly been uprooted from the ground itself. In and amongst the gutteral growls and snarls the creature appears to be attempting to speak words of some sort of language but the agents' translation charms can only get garbled, occult static.

Thomas leaps to intercept the descending projectile, using the top of the mobile lab to propel himself upward and then use his whipping chain sword to grab hold of the tree and pull him towards it where he could use his inhuman strength to push it off course. Unfortunately, this does not come without cost entirely as the effort causes him to spin out of control himself and slam uncomfortably into the ground.

As Thomas covered them from the first assault, Kasper took in the situation and immediately saw that the best way to protect his team would be to reposition either them or the monster so that the monster's current high ground advantage would no longer be useful. He ordered Squaddie Daley to pack up the scientists and occultist into the mobile lab and take off around the edge of the mountain. Meanwhile, he ordered Rookie Price to start moving into position to support the assault on the monster from range.

Kasper then attempts to take a shot with his pistol, mostly as a means of distracting the monster. Unfortunately, while he succeeds at attracting attention he fails to get a clean shot and the attempt sees him hustling to avoid another tumbling and burning tree. Just barely does he manage to avoid the tree itself, but he drops his pistol and has to immediately deal with the burning leaves he finds himself covered in.

Pulling himself out of the impact crater his crash had formed, Thomas immediately sets about charging up the side of the mountain with a shouting battle cry as he seemlessly jumps from rock outcropping to tree branch to tumbling up a sheer slope as he charges on the monster's position. Distracted by this, the monster fails to react when Price manages to tag it with a shot, not dealing much in the way of damage, but at least drawing blood which causes the monster to rage outloud and burst into incredible flame. Fortunately as it has uprooted most of the trees in its area, no forest fire is started.

Kasper is just barely getting done with putting his own personal fire situation out of his area of concern when Thomas catches up to the monster and tosses it out at an arc off into the lake below.  Falling into the water seems to put the fire out but the corruption of the lake was what mutated these people in the first place and the monster begins to grow as they watch. Rookie Price begins hurrying to come back down towards the camp site.

Thomas first tries to look around the clearing for sign of something personal of the monsters, but finding nothing, he takes brave and semi foolish leap down towards the lake himself, preparing to whip his chain sword around the beast aiming, not to eviscerate, but to make an attempt at banishing the foul magic corrupting the person the monster used to be. He feels a sort of strange familiarity as he lands and the force of the magic he confronts seems to retreat from him the way oil and grease scatter when soap is dropped into the water on a television advertisement. The reaction of the corrupting influence to Thomas's actions is so extreme that Price and Kasper can see the water pushing away from the Chosen and the now shrinking monster.

Kasper immediately orders the hustling Price to help him grab the two before the water can come crashing back in on top of them and they just barely manage to pull the unconscious woman who had used to be the monster out of the area of the water as well as help Thomas up to the bank before the waves come crashing in.

The Professional calls out to the mobile lab, telling them to come on in and gets a warning from Daley that she can see movement coming from the nearby town and heading in their direction. Apparently the gun fire has attracted attention.

And that goes to black as one of our players was very tired and fading in and out. Next time, while still in the Lake Kaindy area, we are starting Operation Killing Crown.

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