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M-Com Paranatural Studies

A discussion of various sorts of supernatural abilities and arts discovered in the setting.

M-Com Campaign

The Chosen's Powers

The Chosen, Thomas Riley, is capable of performing common sorts of magic but also possess some innate powers which appear to be antithetical to the time magic which is being used to open the rifts which have been causing most of the monster incursions. One sort of magic will repel the other. To date, the Chosen's innate magic seems to be capable of rapidly healing him, producing visions, repulsing the energy pouring out of the rifts and cleanse individuals affected by said energies.

Modern Magics

A hodge podge of various arts and disciplines cobbled together into a semi-coherent body of lore. It makes use of circles, chants and arranged locations of great power. It is a bit clunky and limited in scope and scale but a 2-week seminar taught at M-Com Romania can give the gist of most basic uses.

Rift Energies

It isn't known precisely where the rift's energy is coming from, what is known is that it can have mutative effects on humans and animals which are exposed to it. The magic pools and settles as per normal spellcasting, but seems to subtly change the laws that govern how magic works in the primary time line. This sort of magic may be a conglomeration of multiple classes energy manipulation from many sources. Thomas Riley's very existence is antithetical to Rift Energies.

Psionic Capabilities

This sort of power does not appear to be actually supernatural but has been identified. The M-Com science department has rigorously studied this phenomenon and has a great deal of knowledge about the physics behind it. Those who have awakened one or more psionic ability often have behaviors similar to a minor case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This is a quirk the psychic has to learn and identify on their own. Currently, Corporal Daley is known to tap out the rhythm to various pop culture songs, mostly from the 80's.

Ainu Spirit Summoning

The magic which Katkemat specializes in focuses on summoning animal and elemental spirits in order to achieve the affects carried out by more conventional sorts of spells. Katkemat shows herself as being much more efficient and capable in the use of magic than more modern spellcasters but this is not known for sure whether that is due to an inherent power of her tradition or else simply due to her much greater and more specific knowledge about the nature of magic itself.

Kurata Hikozaemon's Magic

Hikozaemon is reported by Katkemat to be a renegade shintoist but she also notes that uses a sort of time magic to open rifts in space. He is able to travel in time, but either the spell creates, or is already part of, a stable loop; it limits how much change it is capable of producing in the time line; or those altered by a time-shift are unaware of the alterations.

Time Magic

According to Katkemat there are magics that can alter timelines and such, but they are very rare and difficult to master.

Stanislov's Magic

Stanislov was capable of casting magics to summon monsters and other supernatural entities across time and space. He was also capable of crafting wards and prisons to keep them from immediately attacking him. Another sort of magic he used was the summoning of a sort of voodoo doll or fetish through which he could spy on his targets. The magic appeared to be African in nature on the surface, but any real expert would note that the appearance was very shallow and that his methods had little similarity with the actual theories of African sorcerers. His magic also created a great amount of magical pollution resulting in highly erratic behavior from other sorts of magic. Given that his instructor in the magical arts was an extradimensional entity, a demon, it is assumed that his magic has no direct connection with any earthly arts.

M-Com Campaign

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