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Random - Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition

Mutants and Masterminds is a union of Hero System and d20. In some manners, M&M is more efficient than Hero, but it is somewhat less versatile. In general I feel the loss of versatility isn't huge enough to matter but then I sometimes run into a concept that M&M makes complicated while Hero handles it very well. It also suffers from being a d20 system slightly with the exception that most rolls, attacks and skills, are opposed rolls, which eases up the flat curve a little bit even if it makes for two rolls to every one of D&D's. Random is a case where M&M is either better suited or just as well suited as Hero to making a character.

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Random – Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition


Strength: 2
Agility: 6
Fighting: 8
Awareness: 4
Stamina: 2
Dexterity: 6
Intellect: 1
Presence: 6        

Abilities Cost: 70


Dodge: 10
Parry: 8
Toughness: 2
Fortitude: 4
Will: 6

Defenses Cost: 8

Initiative: 10


Acrobatics +6 (+12)
Athletics +4 (+6)
Close Combat +6 (+14)
Expertise: Horror Movies: +2 (+3)
Investigation +2 (+3)
Perception +4 (+8)
Stealth +8 (+14)

Skills Cost: 14


(28) Movie Monster Emulation: 4 Ranks (20 pts) Variable, Free Action to change (+2), Quirk: no more than three emulations simultaneously, requires incantation to activate an emulation. (-1), Side Effect: Character takes on some physical appearance of emulated monster. (-1)

Sample Emul
  • (4) “Predator is Stealthy.” – Partial Concealment: Visual Sense Group (4 ranks)
  • (4) “Xenomorph climbs walls.” – Wall-Crawling (2 ranks)
  • (13) “Kayako has hair.” – Extra Limbs: Prehensile Hair, Continuous, Projection (4 ranks); Enlongation: 15 feet, hair only (1 Rank)
  • (9) “Sadako travels through TVs.” – Teleport, Medium: TVs, up to 2 miles (9 ranks)
  • (4) “Wolfman has claws.” – Strength-Based Damage. Damage Rating: 6 (includes Strength) (4 ranks)
  • (4) “Sil looks human.” – Morph: One Other Form, Resistible by Will (1 rank)
  • (10) “Dracula becomes mist.” – Insubstantial: Gaseous (2 ranks)
  • (6) “Pumpkinhead will find you.” – Sense: Detect Specific Person at Range, Extended x4: -1 Perception roll per 100,000 ft, Requires spiritual scent of the target. Blocked by warding magics and mental concealment. (6 ranks)
  • (12) “Freddy kills in the mind.” – Illusion: All Senses, Resistible by Will(-1), One Subject at a Time(-1), (4 ranks)
  • (10) “The Monster is strong.” – Enhanced Trait: Strength +5 (5 ranks)
  • (4) “The Creeper flies.” – Extra Limbs: Fleshy Wings (2rRanks), Flight (1 rank)
  • (8) “The Creature swims.” – Immunity: Breathe Water, High Pressure, Intense Cold (3 ranks), Swimming (3 ranks), Movement: Environmenal Adaptation: Underwater (1 rank)
  • (15) “The Mummy calls sand.” – Environment: 120ft radius -5 Perception (3 ranks), Impede Movement: -1 movement ranks (3 ranks), Selective
  • (10) “The Terminator is tough.” – Impervious Protection (5 ranks)
(6) Scent Souls: Detect Souls Ranged, Analytical, Acute, Radius
(2) Darkvision

(1) Dimensional Movement: Earth to the Hunter’s Garden, Quirk: Only through places where a movie monster might appear, Quirk: Portal remains open for 20 minutes, Quirk: Each portal goes to one of five fixed places in the Garden, Quirk: Can only have a max of five portals open at once, Quirk: Active portals cannot be placed further than 1 km away from other active portals, Feature: Other people can travel through the portal

(1) Leaping Movement: 15 ft Standing Jump
(1) Speed Movement: 60 ft Run
(4) Movement: Safe Fall, Trackless

Powers Cost: 37


(1) Evasion
(1) Uncanny Dodge
(2) Takedown 2
(1) Prone Attack
(1) Improved Grab
(1) Improved Initiative
(1) Animal Empathy
(1) Skill Mastery: Stealth
(1) Agile Feint
(1) Hide in Plain Sight
(2) Equipmentx2: 10 Equipment Points: Base: The Hunter’s Garden: Size: Huge, Toughness: 8, Features: Isolated, Sealed, Secret, Living Space, Dimensional Portal, Environment: Selective, -2 Perception, 2 Mile radius

Advantages Cost: 13


“The Rules.” The environment around Random subtly adjusts to match a horror movie atmosphere, especially in fitting with current emulations. If not currently emulating some monster this is usually generic electrical glitches, odd noises and deeper than normal shadows.

Feral. Random is prone to animalistic responses to things. This can include jumping to lethal attack when perceiving a threat unless told to hold back.

Motivation: Acceptance (Doing Good). Random wants to be a “good monster” but at the same time knows that even good monsters die at the end of the movie most of the time. So she prefers for there to be no movie.

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