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Random - Three Styles of Fate

When it comes to Fate, I generally prefer to match the dial-heavy Strands of Fate's character creation with the smooth game play of Fate Core. That said, Random's magic, narrative as it is, sometimes feels like it would work best in a Fate Core sort of character creation where her emulations are represented purely by Aspects rather than flat numbers. That said, the complexity of Strands of Fate is still interesting.

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Random – Fate Core

High Concept: The Monster of the Movie
Trouble: Don’t joke about The Rules!
Other Aspects: “I go to the Garden”, Everyone is Tropes, Deceptively Innocuous

Stealth: +4
Fight +3, Will +3
Lore +2, Athletics +2, Notice +2
Provoke +1, Physique +1, Burglary +1, Empathy +1

“You smell real.”, Random’s ability to smell souls and supernatural energies gives her a +2 to Create an Advantage with Lore when determining what sort of creature or thing she is looking at.
“What’s with the lights?” Once per session when Random enters a scene, she can automatically roll to Create an Advantage as reality warps circumstances to match a horror movie atmosphere.
“The Monster blinked.” Due to Random’s flat and inscrutable outward manner, she can use Will instead of Deception to resist Empathy attempts to understand her.

Random can embody the powers of movie monsters by using Lore to Create an Advantage describing the power she’s copying and which monster she’s copying it form. Unless the power specifically disguises her such as “Sil can look human” then this causes mild changes in her physical appearance.

The Hunter’s Garden. The Garden is a pocket dimension or demiplane that Random has access to that resembles a thick jungle or an alien hive. It isn’t clear whether Random merely has access to it or actually created it. Access the Garden requires placing a door in a place where a monster in a movie might be concealed.

Physical Stress: OOO
Mental Stress: OOOO

Refresh: 3

Random – Fate Accelerated

High Concept: The Monster of the Movie
Trouble: Don’t joke about The Rules!
Other Aspects: “I go to the Garden”, Everyone is Tropes, Deceptively Innocuous

Sneaky +3, Careful +2, Quick +2, Forceful +1, Clever +1, Flashy +0

Because Random is an eldritch predator, she gets a +2 to Cleverly Create an Advantage when she’s stalking someone unseen.

Because Random warps reality to create a horror film atmosphere, once per session she can choose to place an appropriate Aspect on a scene when it starts

Because Random’s emotions are unreadable, she gets a +2 to Carefully Defend when someone is trying to discern her motives and emotional state.

Stress: OOO
Refresh: 3

Random – Strands of Fate – Metro Class Super Hero: Strands of Power Version

Defining Aspect: The Monster is The Monster of The Movie
Ambition Aspect: The Monster doesn’t want The Movie to start
Background Aspect: The Monster escaped The Facility
Conviction Aspect: The Monster is the Good Monster
Disadvantage Aspect: Don’t joke about The Rules!

Physical: Agility: 4; Endurance: 2; Perception: 3; Strength: 2
Mental: Craft: 1, Knowledge: 1, Reason: 2, Willpower: 3
Social: Deception: 2, Empathy: 2, Persuasion: 1, Resources: 1
Affinity: Warp    4

Health Stress Track: OOOO (Minor, Major, Severe, Extreme)
Mental Stress Track: OOOOO (Minor, Major, Severe, Extreme)
Social Stress Track: OO (Minor, Major, Severe, Extreme)
Reality Stress Track: OOOOOOO (Minor, Major, Severe, Extreme)

Extraordinary Skill Aspect: The Monster is an eldritch predator. (Agility)
Foe Aspect: The Facility will look for The Monster (Persuasion)
Gear Aspect: The Monster goes to the Garden (Resources)
Help Aspect: The Base is helping the Monster (Perusasion)
Inferior Skill Aspect: The Monster does not understand. (Empathy)

Expert Advantages:

Alertness +2 on any rolls to detect or avoid ambushes.
Deadly Grace
use Agility to attack in Melee
+2 on Willpower rolls to resist fear
+2 on Persuasion rolls to intimidate others
+2 on Deception rolls to sneak up on others
+1 on Deception rolls to avoid being seen or heard
1 Advantage Point converted to 10 XP converted to 1 Ability Point for +1 Warp

Heroic Advantages:

Cat-Like Grace: +2 bonus on rolls to run, climb, tumble or otherwise negotiate the environment. +1 when using Agility to make a defense roll.
Custom Stress Track:
Reality Stress Track – Warp + Willpower, Renewable. Consequences would relate to reality warping in disadvantageous manners around Random affecting probability.
Right Place, Right Time:
Spend a Fate Point to suddenly appear in the scene. 

Power Advantages:

(5) Astral Doorway: Doors to the Garden, Doors can only be placed in places that a monster movie might appear from, Improved Proficiency: +2 to Warp to use. Difficulty 10
(6) Transmogrification: Emulate Movie Monsters, Master of the Flesh Warp+2 when using this power, Strenuous Activation requires a Difficulty 6 Warp action rather than a Fate Point, Swift Shape: changing is a free action. 6 pts
(5) Sense: Smell Souls, Sense souls and supernatural phenomenon (very common). Passive. Sense and analyze souls within 8 zones.

Refresh: 2
Facility: The Hunter’s Garden, Workshop 1

Sample Emulations

For Fate Core and Fate Accelerated, these are just going to be Aspects. For Strands of Fate, some might work better as powers noted below each. The Power Aspects for these powers would be the same as for the Aspect they’re listed under. If no Power is listed, then I decided it is best represented as an Aspect instead. Note, this is assuming base Strands of Fate rules rather than my hybrid of Fate Core and Strands of Fate so Tech Levels are a factor. That said, for Stress Tracks, I used the “upgraded single stress track” variant similar to what is used in Dresden Files rather than the system used by default in Strands.
·         “The Predator is stealthy.”
o   (3) Invisibility: Cloaking version
·         “The Xenomorph climbs walls.”
o   (1) Wall-Walker: Strenuous
·         “Kayako has hair.”
·         “Sadako travels through TVs.”
o   (4) Teleport Self: Transfer: requires TVs, Precision Teleport
·         “Wolfman has claws.”
o   (1) Body Weaponry: Weapon Rating equal to campaign Tech Level
·         “Sil looks human.”
·         “Dracula becomes mist”
o   (4) Insubstantial: Vapor, Vulnerable to Magic
·         “Pumpkinhead will find you.”
o   (3) Sense: Locate Person
·         “Freddy kills in the mind.”
o   (4) Illusion: Phantasm, Strenuous: Difficulty 6, Mobile Illusions, Audio Illusions,
·         “Frankenstein’s Monster is strong.”
·         “The Creeper flies.”
o   (2) Extra Limbs: Fleshy Wings
o   (3) Flight: Basic Slow and Clumsy flight
·         “The Creature swims.”
o   (1) Breathless: Water-Breathing Only
o   (1) Environmental Protection: Underwater
·         “The Mummy calls sand.”
o   (2) Imbue Zone: Strenuous: Difficulty 4, creates a swirling cloud of sand in one zone.
·         “The Terminator is tough.”
o   (4) Armor: Passive, Ablative, Armor Rating 2 + campaign Tech Level
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