Monday, May 15, 2017

Lisa's Hair - Relic Advancement Plan

Lisa has the supernatural hair like most yurei, of course, as a scion she has the potential to become a goddess and it's possible her hair will become much more powerful.

Currently, the hair has the following characteristics:

It is part of the character and thus can't be easily removed. This cost 1 point.
It gives her the purviews of Darkness and Psychopomp. Each of these purviews cost 1 point for a total of 2.

Planning for the future is a bit iffy as the campaign might develop in odd ways, but the GM is allowing us to spend XP to improve relics so I have some thoughts on how the hair will advance:

Unique Power: Prehensile
Unique Power: Reach
Defense Bonus to Unarmed Parry Defense
Attack Bonus to Grapple
Damage Bonus to Grapple
Unique Power: Defend while grappling
Purview Access: Health

Most other hair-related powers will be gained via Knacks and Boons.

I plan to take the unarmed combat strength boons to represent the hair strangling people. As her darkness powers advance it'll be more and more like the hair is a made of the pure stuff of primordial darkness.

Lisa's Character Sheet

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