Monday, May 15, 2017

Lisa's Note - Relic Advancement Plan

Lisa has a simple notebook and pen set that she uses to access some of her powers. Currently, it has the following powers:

Purview Access to Magic, Mystery, Death. 1 Point per purview, 3 pts total.

I'll include some thoughts on plans to advance to relic below:

Follower Summon (assuming I get followers, likely spirits or zombies)
Purview Access: Prophecy
Unique Power: Subvert Prophecy (this will likely be hugely expensive)
Unique Power: Never runs out of paper. (this will actually likely be gained pretty quickly)
Unique Power: Always together (the pen summons the notebook, and the notebook summons the pen)

I also plan to get a number of spells related to the use of the notebook and pen. Her use of Mystery and Prophecy will basically be her jotting down assorted thoughts into her notebook. Magic will consist of strange sorts of equations and all of it will tend to be rather disjointed and stream of consciousness in appearance.

Lisa's Character Sheet

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