Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Zihna, Fallen Aasimar Paladin

Zihna - 3rd Level

Character Journal

Str 16
Dex 8
Con  14
Int  11
Wis 12
Cha 16

HP: 30
AC: 19 (Chain Mail and Shield)
Aasimar Save DC: 13
Paladin Save DC: 13
Speed: 30

Proficiency Bonus: +2

Pale Washed Out Eyes
Sickly Grey Skin
Blighted Cyan Hair
165 lbs

Darkvision 60ft
Celestial Resilience
Healing Hands: 3 HP
Light Bearer
Necrotic Shroud (3 Necrotic Damage)

Languages: Common, Celestial
Background: Soldier

Athletics (Soldier) +5
Insight (Paladin) +3
Intimidation (Soldier) +5
Religion (Paladin) +2


Tools:Land Vehicles, Lute

Divine Sense (4 uses)
Lay on Hands: 5 HP
Divine Smite
Fighting Style: Defense
Divine Health
Oath of Conquest
Channel Divinity: (1/rest) Conquering Presence, Guided Strike

Cantrip: Light

1st Level Oath Spells: Armor of Agathys, Cause Fear

Default Prepared Spells: Bless, Command, Compelled Duel, Cure Wounds

Spell Slots: 3 (1st Level)

Warhammer (+5 Attack, 1H: 1d8+3, 2H: 1d10+3)
Chain Mail
5 Javelins (+5 Attack, Thrown, 1d6+3)
Mess Kit
10 Torches
10 Days of Rations
50 ft of Hempen Rope
Traveler's Clothes

Methods of Producing Fear

Cause Fear - Wisdom Save DC 13, Single Target, Undead and Constructs Immune
Conquering Presence - Wisdom Save DC 13, 30 ft Radius, Selective, Channel Divinity
Necrotic Shroud - Wisdom Save DC 13, 10 ft Radius, Unselective, Long Rest

Leveling History

GM Chooses Game to start at 3rd Level

Rolled HD, rolls less than average HP are rerolled per group standard house rule.
Chose Fighting Style: Defense (planning to make the use of the Versatile feature on the warhammer so didn't want to be tied to one particular weapon arrangement.)

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