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Account - Black-Winged Angel of Manton Memorial Church - Page 2

I have begun to feel a bit of sympathy for Dr. Seward. Granted I have only seen the side of her shown to one Dr. T.K. Byron-Browne, and that side seems to have some degree of manufacture to it. I find it is almost certain that she was a supernatural entity of some variety. I find Dr. Byron-Browne's absurd claim that she found insight in her miscarriages abhorrent and the described image of her digging at the hard ground tears at me. I most desperately hope that she is not a beast that must be put down. I hope that she is a soul that must be given some rest instead.

Client: Wraith Busters represented by one Gabriel Victor

Matter in Question: Mr Victor requires extra bodies on hand for an interview and "lock up" investigating sightings of a black-winged angel in a Manton Memorial Church.

Item 1: Wraith Busters Accounts

Item 1b: Gabriel Victor does all the books for Wraith Busters.

Item 1c: Jerrard is similarly nervous to talk about the books.

Actions to be Taken: Apologize for behavior. Better explain the services I am offering. Satisfy suspicion as to whether there is something crooked going on with their books.

Item 2: The Black-Winged Angel

Item 2a: Thordis had a vision of the black-winged angel. It had a sneak tail, tattered appearance and glowing green eyes.

Item 2b: Per Thordis's vision the black winged angel may have been digging at a spot in the bare corner of the cemetery. See Item 3d.

Item 2c: Milo Ford's report coincides with Thordis's vision. See Item 10b.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain nature of the black-winged angel. Ascertain whether the angel holds a threat.

Item 3: The Manton Memorial Church

Item 3b: There is a patch of the cemetery with no gravestones.

Item 3c: The bare patch looks somewhat like a potter's field but that feels unlikely.

Item 3d: Something was digging in the bare patch. See Item 2b.

Item 3e: The bare patch may be a mass grave for the victims of the firebombing in the 1800s. In which case the church itself may be a massive tombstone.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the presence of an Avernian Gate. Collect a momento.

Item 4: Onora Seward

Item 4b: Dr. Onora Seward had some procedure for treating various health problems related to blood loss such as anemia or hemophilia. See Item 13.

Item 4c: Dr. Seward had four miscarriages.

Item 4d: Dr. Seward died due to a "hereditary ailment".

Item 4e: Dr. Seward was interred in the nearby church.

Item 4f: There was a Mr. Seward. See Item 14.

Actions to be Taken: Learn why Onora Seward's name is in the Unending Account. Ascertain whether Onora Seward is the black-winged angel. Ascertain whether Onora Seward faked her own death. Locate the position of Onora Seward's official grave. Ascertain the location of where her miscarriages were disposed of.

Item 5: Three Books

Item 5c.u1: The diary has been found. See Item 6.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain what the Furies have to do with the angel and Le Sang.

Item 6: Dr. T.K Byron-Browne

Item 6a: Dr. Byron-Browne's Diary is more a collection of patient notes primarily.

Item 6b: Dr. Byron-Browne writes in a terse sort of short hand.

Item 6c: Dr. Byron-Browne was frustrated by Dr. Onora's secrecy.

Item 6d: He thought Onora's miscarriages made her a better doctor.

Item 6e: He respected Onora Seward's medical skills.

Actions to be Taken: Learn more about Dr. Byron-Browne.

Item 7: Le Sang

Item 7d: There was a rash of anemia patients between 1865-1875. See Item 12. 

Actions to be Taken:
Ascertain whether Le Sang was a vampire or something else. Ascertain Le Sang's identity. Ascertain whether Le Sang is still active. Ascertain how Le Sang's creditors might be appeased. 

Item 8: Jerrard Luton: Primary host of the Wraith Busters show.

Item 8a: Jerrard is in good physical condition and may be dangerous in a fight.

Item 8b: Jerrard clearly prioritizes women based on appearance. 

Actions to be Taken: Observe his ghost hunting technique and ascertain if there is anything useful in it.

Item 9: Valention "Val" Franco: Another of the Wraith Busters hosts.

Item 9a: Val seems compelled to try and show off for women.

Item 9b: Val feels it is appropriate to aggressively confront ghosts.

Item 9c: Val is not observant enough to notice someone picking a lock not far away from him.

Item 9d: I may have made an effort to deflate Val's ego.

Actions to be Taken: Try to avoid popping the fragile male ego, I want repeat business.

Item 10:  Milo Ford: Witness to the angel. 

Item 10a: Retired fireman.

Item 10b: His witness report coincides with Thordis's vision. See Item 2c.

Item 10c: The angel saw him.

Actions to be Taken: Give him my business card. Ascertain whether Mr. Ford is in danger from the angel.

Item 11: Manton Memorial Hospital: The witness was a patient here when he saw the angel.

Item 11a: The west wing is closed.

Item 11b: The wing is empty but well maintained.

Item 11c: A locked door held an old records room.

Actions to be Taken: Investigate the other closed door.

Item 12: Anemia Patients 1865-1875: Patterns in Dr. T.K. Byron-Browne's diary reveal an interesting medical situation.

Item 12a: There were a statistically unlikely number of anemia patients in this period. Supports vampirism.

Item 12b: Anemia was a stock explanation for a number of poorly understood afflictions.

Actions to be Taken: Find more information on these anemia patients. Compare list of patient names with list of Le Sang victims.

Item 13:  Dr. Onora Seward's Anemia Treatment: Mysterious treatment for blood disorders.

Item 13a: Dr Seward never let someone view her procedure.

Item 13b: Dr. Seward would take a sample of blood away for the procedure and then return with a treatment.

Item 13c: Using these treatments, Dr. Seward managed to miraculously save a man's life whom many assumed was terminal.

Item 14: Mr. Seward: A partial name mentioned only once in connection to Dr. Onora Seward.

Item 14a: Dr. Byron-Browne's diary seems to assume husband. Possibly brother?

Item 14b: Perhaps a front for a supernatural creature. Fake husband provides image of normalcy.

Account - The Black-Winged Angel of Manton Memorial Church, Page 1 

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