Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Watch Report - Lightning Limits, Foreign Dignitaries, and Increasing Urgency

It seems that Gitava has been maintaining communication with the Moon Light Monastery. I'm not exactly sure what this entails. We are quite a bit far out of their normal area of influence this far north. I tried to distract the man and give the others a chance to look through his courier pouch, but unfortunately nobody took the chance. I think perhaps some coins were...misplaced, but by and large they just handed it back to this messenger who refused to state his business. Granted Athlin also does not precisely have power in this area, but still it is closer to our home than that of the ruling house of Gitava.

I suppose I should mention how we came across this half-elven courier given that my last report ended with us discovering a man stuck in a bush. It turns out the bush was a sort of monster. A mass of refuse and rot which only reaffirms my objection to the refuse problems I pointed out in an earlier report. This creature seems to have a taste for swallowing people whole and lightning is...not particularly useful. Luckily once I did finally land an arc on the creature it was only a cursory shock. Still, the results were quite distressing. The arcs of lightning actually healed the creature of the damage that had been done by my comrades.

Unfortunately, I believe I may have contributed the least of any our group to this battle. In the end I was only able to telekinetically toss a rotten piece of lumber into the beast at a middling velocity. Then again, at one point that tiefling had decided for some reason to become a potted plant. I do not particularly understand the thinking behind this decision. I'm actually fairly certain there was none. Regardless, he was a potted plant while the warriors, Miss Freehand and Miss Crest finished off the beast with the bard aiding by driving the beast around the area.

In the end, we pressed on to the lake that fed into the swamps and my fellows took the advantage of taking a clean bath. For my part I took upon the chance for some privacy and the use of that ray of frost spell to produce a cold shower, something which I do not thank Hellenae enough for having taught me. There was a bit of a scream at some point and I eventually showed up to see that tiefling being hysterical and a giant snake turning into Miss Crest before reporting that there were humanoid things walking along the bottom of the lake. Oddly, Khodrin seemed to take this all in stride and had remained in the water with only a glimpse of amused confusion at the others who had vacated the water.

The assumption was that the figures at the bottom of the lake were more undead pressing on toward Athlin. We have continued our decision that eliminating the threat and curse upon the Knights of the Silver Oak is too important to stop and deal with these hordes of the undead. I am beginning to worry about the fact that we have not seen how fast these dead troops travel outside of swamps and water, but still, it remains, we have another problem to face first. The monastery is above and now we are escorting a foreign courier to it on top of our other tasks.

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