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Account - The Black-Winged Angel of Manton Memorial Church, Page 3

I have made a mistake. I took a step to balance an account but the currency I used does not address the debt in place. I let anger stoke my soul and panic direct it. Assaulting the Wraith Busters does nothing to fix the problems they have created and only creates a new problem. My initial thought that the cold and chill I faced was an equalization of my account is off, this is not equity. I still owe the Wraith Busters and the Wraith Busters still owe the ghosts and people they've slighted. This will be a difficult matter to address.

Client: Wraith Busters represented by one Gabriel Victor

Matter in Question: Mr Victor requires extra bodies on hand for an interview and "lock up" investigating sightings of a black-winged angel in a Manton Memorial Church.

Item 1: Wraith Busters Account  

Item 1d: The Wraith Busters have a habit of using deceptive means to create an impression of a haunting.

Item 1e: They have a tendency to favor their own manufactured "evidence" over actual attempts by the dead to communicate.

Actions to be Taken: Apologize for behavior. Better explain the services I am offering. Give them a choice.

Item 2: The Black-Winged Angel 

Item 2d: The reported appearances of the angel by Thordis matches descriptions of the Cthonic Furies. 

Item 2e: The angel may have come out of the open tear into the Underworld. The Auditor has mentioned kerberoi maybe this is one.

Item 2f: Alternately this Onora Seward
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain nature of the black-winged angel. Ascertain whether the angel holds a threat.

Item 3: The Manton Memorial Church

Item 3f: Bullet casings were found upstairs. From about 80 years ago.

Item 3g: There is a cold wind coming from downstairs no one else can feel. See item

Item 3h: There is graffiti on the church where the crucifix has been removed. See item

Item 3i: There is a room where someone committed suicide. See item

Item 3j: There is an opening to the sewers.

Item 3k: There is an old bricked up doorway.

Item 3l: The catacombs have been found. They are somewhat more than catacombs. See item

Item 3m: There is an Avernian Gate. Perhaps was. See item

Actions to be Taken: Collect a momento.

Item 4: Onora Seward

Actions to be Taken: Learn why Onora Seward's name is in the Unending Account. Ascertain whether Onora Seward is the black-winged angel. Ascertain whether Onora Seward faked her own death. Locate the position of Onora Seward's official grave. Ascertain the location of where her miscarriages were disposed of.

Item 5: Three Books

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain what the Furies have to do with the angel and Le Sang.

Item 6: Dr. T.K Byron-Browne

Actions to be Taken: Learn more about Dr. Byron-Browne.

Item 7: Le Sang

Item 7e: There is somewhat significant evidence that vampires had presence that may explain the Le Sang murders.

Actions to be Taken:
Ascertain whether Le Sang was a vampire or something else. Ascertain Le Sang's identity. Ascertain whether Le Sang is still active. Ascertain how Le Sang's creditors might be appeased. 

Item 8: Jerrard Luton: Primary host of the Wraith Busters show.

Item 8c: Defrauds the living.

Item 8d: Cheats the dead.

Item 8e: Oblivious idiot, not intentionally malicious.

Item 8f: There is now a bullet hole in his foot. I may have been upset.

Item 8g: Placed in protective circle for his own safety.

Actions to be Taken: Examine avenues of reclamation of this prideful disaster. Figure out his Rock-Paper-Scissors trick.

Item 9: Valention "Val" Franco: Another of the Wraith Busters hosts. 

Item 9e: Similar to his partner but less competent.

Item 9f: I am not getting repeat business here. 

Item 9g: In protective circle with Jerrard.

Actions to be Taken: Salvage the remnants into something useful.

Item 10:  Milo Ford: Witness to the angel.

Actions to be Taken: Give him my business card. Ascertain whether Mr. Ford is in danger from the angel.

Item 11: Manton Memorial Hospital: The witness was a patient here when he saw the angel

Actions to be Taken: Investigate the other closed door.

Item 12: Anemia Patients 1865-1875: Patterns in Dr. T.K. Byron-Browne's diary reveal an interesting medical situation.

Item 12c: There was a significant vampire presence in the church that seemed to leave at about the end of this period. See item

Actions to be Taken: Find more information on these anemia patients. Compare list of patient names with list of Le Sang victims.

Item 13:  Dr. Onora Seward's Anemia Treatment: Mysterious treatment for blood disorders.

Actions to be Taken: Find information on Seward's treatment.

Item 14: Mr. Seward: A partial name mentioned only once in connection to Dr. Onora Seward.

Actions to be Taken: Learn more about Mr. Onora Seward.

Item 15: Manton Church Graffiti: There are a number of pieces of graffiti in the church.

Item 15a: A spray painted "He Comes" behind the cross. From about 50 years ago.

Item 15b: An authentic Goetic Seal. Ames reports it as the Seal of Vassago. This is from roughly 30 years ago.

Item 15c: An authentic circle of protection. Thordis reports that it is functional and that the black winged angel was unable to enter it while stalking a person.  This has been stirred up in the last month or so. 

Actions to be Taken: Discover who drew the circle of protection.

Item 16: Manton Church Catacombs: The sealed off chambers beneath the church.

Item 16a: The catacombs were sealed off and abandoned no later than 100 years ago.

Item 16b: The area is heavily populated with the dead. See Item 17.

Item 16c: There are numerous friezes of Christian flavor with a vampiric touch. See Item 18.

Item 16d: There are torture chambers.

Item 16e: There is a theater of sorts. 

Item 16f: This area is heavily steeped in the Threshold of the Torn.

Item 16g: There is a gate of a sort. See Item 19.

Actions to be Taken: Consider options for tending to this location, this may be to work of generations.

Item 17: The Dead of the Catacombs: There is a mass population of ghosts down here.

Item 17a: They are somewhat rude.

Actions to be Taken: Begin the process of addressing these ghosts.

Item 18: Vampire Cult: There was a clear vampiric presence in these chambers.

Item 18a: Christian imagery re-worked to a vampiric caste.

Item 18b: They abandoned this facility seemingly suddenly.

Item 18c: They are clearly engrossed in violence and depravity.

Item 18d: I doubt the vampire bastard is one of these.

Actions to be Taken: Determine why these vampires abandoned the church. Secure the church against being re-used by vampires.

Item 19: The Gate: The gate under the church.

Item 19a: The closer I got to the gate, the colder and windier it got. But the cold and wind touched nobody else.

Item 19b: It was less a gate than a gouged tear in the borders of the world.

Item 19c: There was an entity here. The Auditor referred to them as Hecate.

Item 19d: The gate was controlled by a bowl for collecting blood.

Item 19e: The area surrounding the bowl and gate was warped in space.

Item 19f: The bowl and gate may have been crafted by "Enlightened Ones"

Item 19g: I was frozen. This does not refer to Elsa cosplay.

Item 19h: The direction of the gate was redirected by Thordis. This ended the wind and cold.

Item 19i: Erica performed a ritual of some kind to fix the majority of the problem. I spent some of that meditating to recover plasm.
Actions to be Taken: Fix or close the gate. Defrost my hair.

Movement on the Ames Janda account.

Movement on the Erica Blackburn account.

Movement on the Michael Callahan account.

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