Thursday, August 10, 2017

Asset - Manton Memorial Church

Erica speaks of a "hallow", I have discovered a haunt and several potential momentos. Thordis may have mentioned a "chamber". And I think I may have heard the term "hollow" from Ames, though I'm not entirely sure whether that was just repeating what Erica said. In any case, this is a place of importance that we cannot afford to just let sit. It has already acquired one new resident which might be dangerous. We need to make sure it does not become more so.

Asset: The Church is abandoned and has no one controlling it for now.

Matter in Question: The Church is a locus of supernatural power.

Item 1: Expansive Catacombs: The space under the church has numerous tunnels.

Item 1a: Formerly inhabited by vampires.

Actions to be Taken: Secure control over the tunnels between the Gate and the upstairs. Secure against the potential return of vampires.

Item 2: Active Haunt: There is a room filled with the Threshold of Silence in the basement but above the Catacombs.

Item 2a: I have established a connection with the residue of the haunt.

Actions to be Taken: Acquire legal ownership of the land and building.

Item 3: Reality Bending Gate to Elsewhere: This was previously a gate to the Underworld.

Item 3a: It is still wide-open and presents a danger.
Actions to be Taken: Stabilize the Gate. Secure it against the emergence of danger. Ascertain whether or not we need to return the angel before it will secure itself. Look into space heaters.

Item 4: Site of Horrific Events: The vampires that dwelt here did many terrible things. 

Item 4a: Other terrible things have happened since.

Item 4b: Thordis seems enthusiastic about this.

Actions to be Taken: Confirm and deal with the presence of the dead.

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