Thursday, August 10, 2017

Account - Hecate

A rather mysterious entity. The Auditor recognized her immediately as Hecate. One has to wonder if the presence of one that might be called a Greek god or titan. During our exchange it mostly used the neutral, unsmiling face but occasionally shifted among the other two faces. She seems to take an interest in our investigation, but she was not summoned as far as we know but simply was already there. Perhaps she had some kind of premonition that we or some similar group would eventually arrive in this place.

Entity: Hecate

Matter in Question: An entity of power related to death as a whole.

Item 1: Appears as a vaguely feminine faceless creature with three masks in place of a face. 

Actions to be Taken: Learn more about Hecate

Item 2: Speaks in simple phrases.

Item 2a: The phrases seem to have a different meaning each time they are used. 

Actions to be Taken: Study figurative and symbolic language to be better able to avoid being confused by this in the future.

Item 3: Seems to be somewhat neutral in attitude as well.

Actions to be Taken: Study Hecate's responses to learn how to read them.
Item 4: May have been altered by Mages.
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain how she might have acted before.
Item 5: Acts as a guardian.
Item 5a: Destroying gates is a no-no.
Actions to be Taken: Determine whether this is an station she has taken or was given.

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  1. Thordis' note: Hecate terrifies, do not offend. The apex, the biggest sister.

    The fear my fears fear.


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