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Aengus - Master of Disguise

Aengus as he currently appears
The thief known only as Fog was born in Beregost, south of Baldur’s Gate to a seamstress and militiaman who worked for the city guard. His parents never really invested much time in him, more interested in their own pursuits – his father, his work and his mother, her standing in the community – so he developed into something of a troublemaker. His early mischief was met with swift punishment from the militia and later his father’s hand so he learned to lie, charm and deceive, plying accomplices with favours and vague promises. He grew addicted to the thrill of the gamble, the rush of the swindle.

It was in his twelfth year that his father died in the line of duty, quelling riots on the outskirts of the city. His mother descended into drink out of grief and died two months later. Fog found her body on the floor. He had spent the day playing cutpurse in the busy streets. Years later it would still profoundly affect him.

With no real ties to the city and the city militia eyeing him with suspicion he took his leave of Beregost and travelled north towards Baldur’s Gate. He kept a low profile, stealing and swindling small amounts by nightfall to evade suspicion from the city guard. But his activities drew the attention of the local thieves’ guild who caught him, tortured him and forced him into a binding contract under their watchful eye. He was placed in the tutelage of a senior thief named Thorston who diverted his energies into the subtle art of murder. Despite discovering a talent for subterfuge and assassination, Fog never took any pleasure in the act of killing. It was the setup that appealed to him, not the final act.

Aengus as he originally appeared
Eventually however he tired of chafing under the Guild’s petty activities and sought to strike out on his own. Over a series of months, he flooded the city’s bars and with rumours and gossip of a new thief in town, one that was intruding a lot of the Guild’s richer territories. To back the rumours up, he paid servants and workers small stipends to smuggle items out of the households, which he then sold on the black market. The rumours became such that the City Guard and the Thieves’ Guild were forced to intervene, searching for a thief that did not exist. A street war inevitably resulted and while their attention was diverted, Fog slipped from the city, heading north.

He travelled along the Trade Way for a time, stopping over in Daggerford to recoup some money, but not staying long enough to develop a reputation. He kept a low profile, opting for honest work such as deliveries and courier work, only slipping into fencing when money matters became dire. Once news was brought to his ears of a warrant for his arrest, he disappeared from Daggerford overnight, leaving the local constabulary to search for a ghost.

His next stop was Waterdeep and for a time he was comfortable and happy, living a solitary life of theft and minor errand work so as to appear the responsible citizen to the town guard. He even took a lover, a waitress from a local pub. The peace would not last however. Over a period of months, a spree of serial murders arose in Mistshore, the ruined naval harbour. Investigators discovered two things about each body; the victims were all known thieves operating in the city and on their persons, each possessed an item recently stolen and sold through the black market. When news of the killings went public, Fog realised that each item found was one he himself had stolen and sold.

Not wishing to stick around and endanger his lover, he cut ties with her and fled the city, in fear of being implicated for a crime he did not commit.

Aengus - Human Assassin and Wizard

Member of no Faction

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