Sunday, August 27, 2017

Account - The Enlightened Ones - Organization

Hecate referred to the Enlightened Ones before and I had thought it was an umbrella term for whatever Erica and Rosa are. However, it occurs now that these Enlightened Ones are a specific order of mages that used to operate in the area. Judging by the commentary from Lucy and the way Erica reacted on finding the Gate, these Enlightened Ones are particularly reckless members of their kind.

Organization: The Enlightened Ones

Matter in Question: Ancient order of mages.

Item 1: Arcane Experimentations: Left several messes in Blackmouth
Item 1a: Lucy Chambers claims they messed up the area's geomancy.
Item 1b: Lucy also claims Hecate was different before them.
Item 1c: Lucy indicates they were responsible for the distorted Gate under Manton.
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the purpose of these experiments. Ascertain whether the Enlightened Ones are still active.

Item 2: Mages: They are "mages" whatever that might mean.
Item 2a: Black-Winged Angel case indicated the Enlightened Ones are the same kind as Rosa and Erica.
Actions to be Taken: Ask about what a mage is.

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