Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Airship Lost - Fourth Divine Blood Playtest Campaign

Campaign Title Aspect: Airship Lost

Theme Aspect: Lost in the Shards

Mood Aspect: Taking the Long Way Home

The campaign follows the trials and tribulations of four individuals who step onto luxury air-ship cruise liner, The Sol Suna, expecting a relaxing vacation but instead finding themselves caught up in bizarre circumstances that will catapult them into an adventure beyond the boundaries of what they knew to be Earth's reality. Some of them have greater knowledge than others as to where they will find themselves, but they will all still face the problem of being lost.

The group has opted for a more light-hearted, adventurous feel of things along the lines of the original "Lost in Space" or "Star Trek" rather than a gritty and grim sort of exile as one would find in "Battlestar Galactica".

The aim of the campaign is to explore mechanics and situations for dealing with the cosmology around Earth, this being  the 4th through 12th dimensional space into which sorcerers, gods, and demons have long built their various refugees and where some societies have built entire nations.

As part of the nature of the campaign, we are unlikely to be finding Yomi, Nirvana, or Shangri-La as these three shards are controlled by cultures or organizations that either frequently interact with Earth or else originate from there and are also likely to relay lost passengers back to Earth with no problem. This still leaves a lot of places that the characters can discover which will allow them interaction with alien cultures or even elements of Earth which might not be entirely friendly or willing to facilitate their return to Earth.

The Sol Suna - The airship which will soon be seeing a much different sort of sky.

The Characters

Aislin Newell - The Demon of Vacuum, a Demon citizen of Nirvana taking a vacation amongst the mortals before going back to work watching empty space for oncoming meteors.

Detective Malcolm Reynolds - A police officer from Seattle taking a vacation after working with Urd Jotundottir to rescue Amaterasu from mortal criminals during a recent storm and earthquake.

Rudyard Holt - A former British soldier become the security chief of a luxury cruise ship after deciding that he wanted a less ambiguous career in front of him.

Yukimura Amaya - A high school student from Bravura Academy and a psychic from The Community. They have a few secrets that even they are not yet aware of.

Lydia Locheia-Turan - A young goddess of desire not yet past her first half-century, whose parents are a bit in the way of big-names.

Episodes - Aeryn Lee's Travel Log

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