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Airship Lost - The Sol Suna

The International Cruise Corporation would like to extend its invitation to all comers. We offer an exciting package of fun and adventure for all ages and walks of life. Everyone deserves a bit of the exotic in their lifetime and we aim to provide that with cruise packages at different levels of luxury as suited to the individual's needs.
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The Sol Suna is one of our most popular vessels being of the reliable and renowned Cloud-Skimmer Model of luxury air ships. Constructed of the most amazingly lightweight and strong alloys allowing for building the passenger quarters and recreational facilities around the buoyancy reservoirs, this model of air ship allows for great freedom of artistic design without sacrificing practical concerns and International Cruises has spared no expense in making sure that its ships are the most beautiful available in the skies.

What's more, the nature of the original Cloud-Skimmer design has allowed for incredible ability to be updated as technology has advanced with lightspeed and thus you will find that The Sol Suna is equipped with many of the most amazing developments of this wondrous age we live in. Amongst other things you will find.

The library contains electronic copies of millions of books and has facilities for printing and binding books for those who prefer the authentic feel of paper in their hands. We have many options for the style of printing ranging from the quaint binding practices of the 19th and early 20th centuries to the modern hardbound and paperback methods. You may either keep these books as souvenirs of your trip or else return them to be recycled back into new printing materials. The costs of any unrecycled books will be added to your room bill.

Likewise our film library is also not lacking, with thousands of the most popular movies and television shows from the past century. Whether you want to watch the complete cinematic adventures of John Bai or watch the entirety of the military drama series Hold the Line, you will find it available here.

The ship's computers also offer as full a connection as possible the world's internet via satellite. In the unlikely situation that they would be cut off from any satellites the ship's computers operate as a server capable of sustaining a small city and can easily handle the activity of all those on board. You might possibly be disconnected from your deathmatch with some people in the US but at the very least you will be able to interact with other passengers. Or if you can't post your blog instantly, you can at least update the ship's mirror to be updated on first contact.

The ship also features all the facilities for wonderful live performances ranging from amateur talent contests to rock concerts by famous musicians. These can be enjoyed while sampling the gourmet meals prepared by the chefs behind the scenes using the most advanced methods of culturing all manner of organic foods. Take your choice of the authentic natural flavors or try some of the experimental fusion flavors crafted by our world-class culinary geneticists.

Do not fear that your body will become indolent either as we present a full range of modern exercise equipment ranging from the Olympic-sized swimming pool to the weight machines as well. You can even maintain your health in all weather as the outer promenade is protected from all forms of weather by a high-tech shell of impact resistant polymer that still lets you watch the sky pass by.

The Sol Suna will be boarding in Australia and sailing along the clouds up to the Kamchatka Peninsula and then back down along the west coast of the North and South American continents. We do hope you are able to stay with us the length of the trip but are aware that many will simply stay with us until we make our scheduled ports.

Whether opting for a three day tour from Volstahl to Okinawa or the full year's round trip, we endeavor to make your stay a piece of the heavens.

Aspects and Places

The Sol Suna

Defining - Floating Love-Boat in The Void
Atmosphere - You, Me, and the Galaxy
Trouble - Cabin Fever

Common Ground

Defining - The Dining Hall
Atmosphere - Gala Party Dinner Every Night
Trouble - Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Aislin Comfort Zone

Defining - It's Cold Outside
Atmosphere - I'm All Alone, More or Less
Trouble - Just Me and the Nothing

Reynolds' Comfort Zone

Defining - The Main Recreation Center
Atmosphere - Jovial and Light
Trouble - Maybe a Little Too Busy

Rudyard's Comfort Zone

Defining - Overlook Office
Atmosphere - God's Eye View
Trouble - Center of Everything

Ichiro/Amaya Comfort Zone

Defining - The Veins of Sol Suna
Atmosphere - Dis My Box
Trouble - Grumpy Mechanics

Neutral Ground

Defining - The Forward Observation Deck
Atmosphere - Step into the Void
Trouble - Nothing, Absolutely Nothing

Hostile Territory

Defining - The Pool is Contested Territory
Atmosphere - Nerf Guns are Available...
Trouble - The Germans and their Towels

Session Developments

First Session

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