Sunday, August 27, 2017

Asset - Syngery and Psyche - Resource

Michael may think that my humanity is gone but this is not entirely true. While I may now barely flinch at the idea that a person might need to be killed, my dislike of the idea is merely muted, not absent. Death is not an end as we had thought. You are not erasing a person by killing them, merely exiling them to the twilight. At least, that is one way to view it. This may in fact be a matter of justification, but the truth is, my old human considerations are faint shadows. The driving matter in my life is the Bargain, the arrangement I have with the Auditor. For the moment, we are mostly in accord and the matters of power are mostly balanced. Perhaps we might be able to come to a better arrangement in the future, but things are well for the moment.

Asset: Synergy and Psyche

Matter in Question: These are the concepts around which my life now revolves.

Item 1: Synergy: The status of my cooperation with my Geist.
Item 1a: This has overshadowed everything else.
Item 1b: Currently, The Auditor and myself have good synergy.
Item 1c: I cannot abandon myself or ignore the Auditor too far.
Item 1d: It is a balancing game.
Actions to be Taken: Explore where The Auditor and myself can best interact.

Item 2: Psyche: A measure of my strength as a Sin-Eater.
Item 2a: Limits how much plasm I can hold.
Item 2b: Limits how much plasm I can use.
Item 2c: Aids in resisting drugs, disease, and supernatural abilities.
Actions to be Taken: Build my Psyche.

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