Sunday, August 27, 2017

Account - Blackmouth - City

Before I acquired my partnership with the Auditor, I had thought the deluge of catastrophe that I say day after day was normal. I don't know why, because I had never been anywhere else for any extended period of time. Now I am curious what life might have been had I grown up in an area where death and despair were not so prevalent around every corner of the city. However, I must set that aside, this seems to be a sign of a great inequity. The city simply takes without really giving back. There must be a cause for it and there must be a way to set everything on the proper tracks again.

City: Blackmouth

Matter in Question: Supernatural roach motel.

Item 1: History of "Taking" People: People die here.
Item 1a: Lucy Chambers claims that Blackmouth has a history of taking people.
Item 1b: She says its been getting worse.
Actions to be Taken: Find the cause of this danger.

Item 2: Arcane Experimentations: Reckless mages.
Item 2a: The geomancy has been disrupted.
Item 2b: Detritus from various experiments.
Actions to be Taken: Locate failed experiments. Point Erica at them.

Item 3: Vampire Depredations
Item 3a: There seems to have been a greater than average population of vampires in the area.
Item 3b: One group of vampires abandoned their stronghold.
Actions to be Taken: Learn more about the vampire presence in the area.

Item 4: Lucy Chambers
Item 4a: Always reborn in the Blackmouth area.
Actions to be Taken: Learn why Lucy is stuck here.

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