Saturday, September 16, 2017

Away With the Team - Airship Lost - Divine Blood Campaign - Second Session

[The face in the camera is not Aeryn but the narrow faced visage of a teenaged fox-girl wearing an over-sized boy's high school uniform.]

Hey world! This is Akiko and I'm currently running towards the kitchen to record another exciting episode of REGULAR ORDINARY SWEDISH KITSUNE MEAL TIME!!! I'm not the cook my sister Amaya is but I HAVEN'T STOLEN FOOD FOR OVER TEN YEARS and MY HANDS ARE SHAKING!!! So I'm going to find everything made of chocolate, throw it together and eat it!

[She has very clearly sharp teeth and nails. Her exuberance and energy seem to be at the very least the equal of Aeryn's and somehow she's gotten hold of Aeryn's camera. Behind her, Mr. Holt and Aeryn Lee are chasing after her, Aeryn is somehow keeping pace but seems to be holding a stitch in her side.]

"Get back here you!"

"I want my camera back you fox-tailed thief!"

[They run past a beautiful blonde woman with blue facial marks talking to the ship's doctor as the chase goes past. These two also join the chase.]

Stupid boy pants!

[Akiko pauses a moment to shake free of her pants and toss them back at Mr. Holt. He dodges but they catch the doctor in the face and the woman slams into a wall as the rest of the chasers move on past her.]

"Hey! Stop throwing your clothes at us!"


[Aeryn is coming into the room weakly, easily at the extent of her endurance.]



Here you go!

[The camera is tossed across the way and Aeryn immediately freaks out and starts juggling it around trying not to let it fall.]

Whoa, Whoa, don't drop it. Don't drop it!

[Nothing is really discernible on the camera as she tries to get it safely stopped.]

Did it catch her changing? Moment?


[Aeryn's disappointed face fills the camera.]

Awww, it's just a jumble of movement when she threw the camera back at me.

[Then Aeryn smiles broadly again. Before her fatigue catches up again.]

I got my camera back! The fox girl gave it back.


Maybe I should do more exercise.

Anyway, the fox girl has black hair again and is calling herself Amaya now. But, she's sort of...out there. Let me swing the camera around.

[The camera directs out the window of the bridge and zooms in on two figures just sort of floating outside the window in the grey nothingness. One appears to be a sleeping Aislin and the other seems to be a nervous looking fox-girl.]

See over there? Outside the bridge window. This is the bridge by the way. This is our new captain. Captain Hattie B. Fry. Hi Captain!

[She turns the camera back around to view an elegant and dignified looking woman with black hair and a characteristically British silhouette. Maybe fifty years ago, most would have assumed she was in her mid to late twenties, but in the modern times and average lifespans in the 90s, she was more likely to be mid to late thirties.]

"What, Miss, would you get out of the way and step off the bridge?"

[The captain looks definitely a bit confused and suspicious upon discovering Aeryn's presence.]

Huh? Umm, I'm not in the way. 

[The captain turns to look away towards one of the bridge crew.]

"How long as she been standing here?"

I've been standing here the entire time. I'm just getting video of all the grey nothingness out the window. Over there where the lady with the tattoos is floating with the fox girl.

[She directs the camera back out toward the bridge window and then she starts turning it around and leaving the room quickly.]

Whoa. Whoa, Yep, I'm leaving. Bye Mr. Holt.


[Aeryn is whispering but smiling broadly.]

Heya there! I'm back. I've got my breath and I'm sitting in the corner of the security office and they're talking about what's going on. Detective Reynolds is a bit busy right now. Apparently someone heard he's a cop and asked him to find her purse.

[She rolls her eyes and then stares at the camera and opens her eyes wide again.]

Guess what!

[She looks about to be boiling over with something that is either excitement or terror or a combination of the two.]

We're outside Earth. We may be outside of the normal universe entirely.

[The camera swings back around to the other people discussing matters in the room. The window beyond looks down on the upper deck with the pool, exercise equipment and the like. There is no sky or land, just an endless grey expanse. Then she starts pointing at the other people starting with Aislin, the red-head with all the tattoos. Then towards where the blonde with blue face marks is helping the fox girl, currently black-furred and more human featured, get dressed. The fox-girl's fur is now white and she blushing tremendously as the blonde wraps her arms around her.]

Look over there, past Aislin; she's the lady with all the tattoos; that's Lydia, good grief she's beautiful. She's like someone out of Hollywood. That's the fox girl, and judging by how red she's getting and how frozen she is, there's some thoughts going through her head.

[She turns the camera back to herself again and puts her finger to her lips.]

I'm trying to be quiet here so I don't interrupt them. They're trying to talk about where Earth is and how to get back....


[Aeryn looks out off camera and then points the camera in that way finding a shimmering disturbance in the grey and turning from it to her face several times.]

Whats that? There's something sparkling out there in the grey and....whoa, did you see that?  Did you see that?

I think it was over...there?

[As she looks, an entire island seems to just materialize out of the grey and pass out under the airship. Aeryn points the camera back at herself.]

Whoa look at that, it's like a huge forest island floating in the grey!

"Wait, go back! Captain go back! Tell the captain to go back!"

[The camera whips toward Aislin and then whips to the Captain. Then Mr. Holt.]

"Captain, the intercom is on the otherside there."

"Thanks, Mr. Holt. Bridge turn us about!"

[The camera is focused on the captain until Aislin speaks up and then Aeryn tennis neck's it back over to the red-head.]

"No, don't do that, we'll lose all track of it, just do a reverse thrust, you can do that right? I don't know how your human things work."

[Then the camera whips back to the Captain.]

"Well normally I'd say no, but this place doesn't have an atmosphere or normal gravity so...Bridge, reverse thrust!"

[The camera turns back to Aeryn.]

One moment. Hey, it sounds like we're going to go back and take a look at that....she called it a "shard."


[Aeryn is in a forward room with the windows faced down toward the heavily forested island floating in the grey beneath them. She's scanning about looking at the various circles that have been painted or carved into the walls and floors around her. Aislin is working on the circles as she speaks to the fox-girl, Amaya, currently black-furred.]

Okay, so Mr. Holt is getting some weapons and another guard and I'm going along to document stuff for Lydia, who's some sort of animal scientist lady. I think the word is zoologist.

[Aeryn shrugs as if she doesn't really care and then turns back to look at Aislin and Amaya.]

Over there, Aislin has been drawing circles on the floor and walls in this place for a while now. She's been giving some side instruction to Amaya as she does it, something about being acceptable for magic training.

[The camera whips back to her face.]


Real, magic. They're doing real magic right now!

[Aeryn looks away as Aislin calls out something that the camera doesn't pick up.]

Huh? Okay, so apparently this isn't "magic" it's something else. Sorcery maybe? What? No? Okay, it's just a bunch of circles to help use a power. It's supposed to be able to take us down to the shard or something.

[She shrugs again and then smiles broadly.]

Okay, let's go back to watching them make circles.


[Aeryn's face again appears on the screen.]

All right! We're about to go!

[She whips the camera to show another man in a security uniform who waves back at her.]

That's Officer Makon Darring there. He's going with us down to the shard. That's what Aislin and Lydia call them because they're sort of "shards" reality out in not-reality.  Or well, proto-matter. Or something, I didn't catch all the terms.

[She directs the camera back toward the very beautiful blonde in the bronze-colored jacket.]

Lydia wants to catalogue the wildlife down there and Aislin thinks we might find something to make an engine or something for moving about the grey nothing. 

Anyway, I'm going to record us getting down and...what? Okay here we go!

[The entire view is filled briefly with smoke and when it clears they are surrounded by trees.]

Whoa that was fast. Did the camera record it?


[The scene opens up being swept over a small sort of clearing as people are poking around and looking for things.]

Well, apparently the camera recorded like half a second of smoke between us leaving the ship and arriving on the planet. Maybe less, I wasn't really counting, it was very fast.

[Aeryn briefly points to where Aislin is sitting and clearly focusing heavily on something by the way the red light is wafting off of her.]

Aislin is over there "getting a feel for the shard" or something. Everybody else is looking around the edges. Ooo, Amaya found something!

[Amaya is toying around with what looks like a statue of some sort. She is much more sensibly dressed and has a rather professional looking tool-belt around her waist.]

Notice she's got a sort of tool belt now? Apparently she had somebody grab her tools from her cabin. Aislin referred to them as a house elf, the porter getting the stuff, not Amaya.

[She points the camera briefly at her own face and shrugs before pointing again at the statue.]

It looks like the statue of some sort of big dog? Maybe? Wait a minute....

[The camera is directed aside pointed toward the trees where something moves in the shadows as Aeryn toys with the volume settings and then directs it toward Lydia.]

"So a few hundred years ago, there was a creature referred to as a cockatrice..."

[Aeryn turns the camera back to face herself and looks excitedly amazed and incredulous.]

Oh wow, yeah, she just said "cockatrice" that's like a dungeons and dragons monster or something.  Aislin's calling for something, what's she doing with that tattoo gun? Oh! Is Aislin doing that again?

[Aeryn's face looks a bit surprised and curious.]


[The camera shows Amaya very carefully drawing the tattoo gun over the area marked by a glowing bit of amber light on Aislin's back.]

So now Aislin has Amaya using the tattoo gun to draw some sort of really complex circle to her back and see those glowing points there? That's like a magic light or something Amaya is using to show here where she needs to put the tattoo.

Aislin says that this is she can get us back to the ship easier. She also said that it would eventually heal away. Which makes me wonder how she gets all those tattoos she already has to stay. Maybe she uses some sort of special magic tattoo ink?

And, hey, where'd Mr. Holt and Lydia go?

[The camera sweeps around the clearing looking for them.]

"Mr. Holt left to keep an eye on Miss Locheia-Turan."

Wasn't I supposed to stay with her?

[The camera is sort of vaguely pointed skyward where the lower hull of the ship is sort of poking down through the "sky" of the forest around them presenting a very surreal image."

"Actually, as the resident normal, she was supposed to stay with you. Don't worry dear, you'll still likely die as a result of the mistake."

What? Why am I going to die?

"Miss Newell you really need to do better on comforting people."


[There's a lot of thick trees and Aeryn is trying to run through them. Amaya is running ahead very rapidly but not quite running while Aislin is having significantly more difficulty keeping up and getting around the trees. Officer Darring seems to be keeping pace with Aeryn.]

Okay, we're looking for Lydia and Mr. Holt. And, whew...I really need to get in better shape. These are neat trees here. I've never seen anything like them. They're really tall an-

[The camera whips off of Aeryn's face to be directed ahead at the very clear sound of automatic gun-fire going off.]

Was that gunfire?

[Aislin and Amaya start running along with Officer Darring.]

Whoa everybody's running! Wait for me!

Hey. Pant. Pant.

Focus on the camera, Aeryn, Focus on the camera and...whoa!

[The camera is bouncing a lot despite her attempts to keep it stable, then she whips it around to see a large canine form passing through several trees as if they weren't there.]

Look at that. It's a giant dog walkthing through a tree! We've got ghost dogs people! We've got ghost dogs! Awesome!

[Aeryn is looking into the camera and jumping up and down excitedly and looking around with a smile on her face that may or may not be her freaking out in denial at the danger or may just be due to her being very happy.]

Holy crap! Lydia has a light-saber!

[The camera whips back around to show the blonde holding a blade of blue energy in her hands rather casually.]


Okay, so it wasn't a ghost dog, it was some sort of dire wolf that creates an illusion of itself to draw attention away from it's real position.

[Aeryn is rolling her eyes and shaking her head irritably.]

That's still cool. I shouldn't sound disappointed. But apparently some people take offense at the idea of a "ghost dog" or something. Whatever.

[She gets her smile back and starts showing the walls around them, pointing at the hole in the ceiling showing the trees and sky above, with the hull of the ship sticking in as if the sky were some sort of illusion. Then she refocuses on the Roman-esque metal walls and the holding cells along with the strange lettering along the walls.]

But anyway, we're down here in these secret passages. Lydia and Aislin say it looks like a research lab or something. There's some writing but nobody can read it. I think that makes perfect sense, but for some reason Lydia and Aislin are acting like there's no language they don't speak or something.

Anyway, I've got to check the batteries and memory space in this thing.

[Aeryn waves at the camera and it shuts off.]

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