Friday, September 15, 2017

Away With the Team - Airship Lost - Session Two Gameplay Discussion

I've changed the operation to a black background because it is a bit easier on my eyes.

This game introduced a new player who was new to the setting, the system, and a little bit new to the idea of conceptual magic. As such, some of the difficulties I gave her to begin with were a little bit forgiving, but we've already started clarifying just how the Domain of Desire works with producing effects. Despite this, she still ended up building up a lot of stress and got fairly close to a corruption consequence. 

Overall, this is now presenting their first exploration of an old abandoned shard. For this first exploration I opted for an uninhabited research facility from more than 40,000 years ago a little bit before the second fall of human civilization. However, at the moment, they're not sure who the creator of the shard was save that it was created by a very talented and detail oriented sorcerer but that the conventional tech was very obsolete.

I considered whether or not to have Yakyou appear in this session, but I decided it was a little bit too early. I didn't want to have a majorly inhabited shard just yet, and decided to have a relic from prior to Lilith's and Vishnu's establishment of law and order over the Demons and Gods. I am not yet certain of introducing one the many possible recurring antagonists to their problems.


Lost Orientation - To have Akiko/Amaya get lost on the ship and end up on the bridge.

Panicked - To provoke Aislin into teleporting when Amaya crashed into her.

To Find and Preserve Nature - To push Lydia to join the away team and then go off on her own to look for the cockatrice. To encourage Lydia to push for Aeryn Lee to join the team.

Absolutely Stunning - To draw a lot of attention and distract the engineers.

Ichiro's Boy Pants - To trip up Akiko/Amaya.

I'm Helping - To bring Amaya back to control of the body.

Kitsune Bisexuality - To make Amaya very embarrassed and awkward when Lydia is helping her put on the skirt.

Weak Floors - To cause the ground to give out underneath Lydia and Rudyard


Absolutely Stunning - To help calm down the one-percenters flooding the infirmary.

Kawaii - To help Amaya escape being sent to the brig and also cause Lydia to check her out.

Everybody's Little Sister - To help Amaya escape being sent to the brig.

Favorite Daughter - For Lydia to have some knowledge of technology and crafting from her adoptive father Hephaestus.

Desires Laid Bare - To reveal that the displacer wolf wanted them to look in the direction it was appearing.

Not Hungry - To make the displacer wolf less determined to continue the fight.

Mana Blade - To add a bit of intimidation for scaring away the displacer wolf.

Suddenly Gunfire - To add a bit of intimidation for scaring away the displacer wolf.

Dimensional Burst Facility - To help add a bonus to dimensional burst to the shard.

Vast Wardrobe - To produce a skirt for Amaya.

Sketched Circle Design - To show Amaya what she needed to draw.

Illusory Tattoo Guide - To give Amaya a bonus in tattooing the circle on Aislin's back to make the return trip easier.

Enhanced Senses - To help Amaya scan the landing point for clues.

A Face for Every Occasion - To adapt Lydia's body to better suit the current situation.

Scrounging and Scavenging - Invoked by Rudyard to argue for why Amaya should be on the away team.

Film Student - Invoked to allow Aeryn Lee on the away team.


The Grey Nothing - To require Aislin to fashion a spell for Amaya and her to breathe in the void. To allow the Sol Suna to reverse thrust rather than require it to come around to reach the shard.

Thick Trees - To obscure vision in the abandoned shard and also explain why some zones are smaller than others: thicker bundles of trees harder to get through.

Ancient Signage - To explain why neither the God nor the Demon could read the sign despite knowing all languages known by any other Nirvanite citizen.

Infinity Purse - To allow Lydia to access her wardrobe without having to go back to her cabin.

Sulking - To explain why Amaya doesn't help Akiko avoid getting lost in the Sol Suna

Intra-Shard MacGuyver - Allows for Aislin to explain how to match velocity and vector with the shard.

Trained by Artemis and Aphrodite - Allows for Lydia realizing that most of the tracks she's seeing are from predators and knowing that beasts like cockatrices are usually evolutionary flukes and ecological disasters.


Aislin's Panicked consequence was treated and became Wiped Out


Enhanced Senses - Created by the use of a spell by Lydia.

Enhanced Reflexes - Created by the use of a spell by Lydia.

Not Hungry - Created by the use of a spell by Lydia.

Suddenly Gunfire - Created by Rudyard to scare away the displacer wolf.

Not Here - Created by the displacer wolf to draw prey attention away from it's real position.

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