Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Knight in Sour Armor - Logos Theme: Personality

Character: Patricia Althius

Attention: 0/3

Crack: 2/3

Identity: "Don't judge a warrior by the lack of muscle tone."

Patricia's physical transformation has erased most of the signs of her physical training and war-time experiences. Likewise, many setbacks have left her frustrated and sour with life, but she holds tight to her duty.

Power Tags

A - Weary but Resolute
C - Military Casual
G - Deadpan Snarker
J - Extensive Physical Training


C - Too beautiful to take seriously


New Power Tag


Gained attention due to beauty making it difficult to intimidate someone.

Gained crack when Patricia purchased an elegant and expensive dress that she didn't really need but appealed to Lamashtu.

Gained attention due to Detective Kendrick not believing she lived in the area because of how beautiful she was.

Gained attention due to Derrick Hayes doubting her military service due to her appearance.

Gained crack when she decided to give Hayley an elegant night to comfort her after surviving the attack by a serial killer.

Story Stuff

Chosen Questions

What lies at the core of your personality? Weary but Resolute

Rationale: Life has been beating down on Patricia in some ways. Ranging from the kidnapping in her teen years to the Mental Health Discharge that pulled her out of the US Military. As her Mythos was awakening, she was studying criminology in the university and while she had the money for what most would consider comfortable living, she was looking at a life-time of being denied the chance to serve and protect as she desired to do. She was starting to turn toward vigilantism even before she awoke.

What quality or item describes your personal style or enhances it? Military Casual

Rationale: Patricia still dresses and thinks like a soldier. She doesn't go around in uniform anymore, because she wouldn't want to misrepresent, but she still has plenty of duty-wear that is available to civilians. With the way her body has changed to look like the privileged life she abandoned, she's taken to dressing in more obviously military manners in an attempt to counter act that.

What interpersonal skills do you have thanks to your personality? Deadpan Snarker

Rationale: Patricia is intelligent and educated with a history of telling off people that most would be more polite too. Time and circumstance have ground this down from impassioned speeches to vicious one-liners and cynical observations.

Improvement Tag: How do you strive to improve yourself? Extensive Physical Training

One way that Patricia tries to distance herself from the encroaching aristocratic air both Monte Cristo and Lamashtu want to thrust upon her is by diving into what most people would consider suicidal levels of physical training. Of course, that's the only way she can wear herself down and feel any sort of stretch due to her growing vampiric qualities. Also, while this is not in line with Lamashtu, it plays very much into the hands of Monte Cristo. 

What aspects of your appearance, physique, or style can get in the way? Too beautiful to take seriously

Rationale: As of yet, Patricia makes little to no active effort to make practical use of her new beauty and she is still rather resentful of it. This dichotomy means that when she tries to make a point, her deceptively fragile and pampered appearance tends to give the impression that she has no idea what she's talking about and is just some military poser.


I fully expect this Logos to be the first to crack into a new Mythos theme and already have some idea of what that Mythos theme will be. Of all three of her Logos themes, I have the least investment in this one and the identity is intolerant of some of her useful tags like Beauté Royale or Noblesse Oblige. Of course, first I'm going to want to give it some Attention and Improve it so that when it does crack, it provides build-up toward a moment of evolution.

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