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Rebuilding Delilah Samson - Scion 2nd Edition

Scion Builds

Delilah Samson was a character I played in a scion game about three years ago now. She had a good
general relationship with her father who remained friendly but not romantic with her mother. Her father was an undercover cop, at least so he said, often gone for long periods of time, but the thought of her father as a police officer led her down the same general path despite a birth defect that gave her odd bone spurs that looked like horns out of her head.

Until she got caught up in an Internal Affairs investigation due to her partner being murdered. Seems he had been corrupt and was planning on giving evidence. The dirty cops took the opportunity to pin the crime on Delilah. With some investigating, she managed to prove the corruption was not on her, but she remained on hook for the murder. Which is when her lawyer called the victim to the stand and a corpse gave testimony as to the real murder.

The official story was that the murdered officer had secretly survived somehow and managed to appear to testify just before dying. Matters such as the fact he'd been embalmed and autopsied already were conveniently left out. Even most of the people in the courtroom aren't precisely sure what happened. But Delilah knew. Delilah still lost her badge, but now operates as a private investigator whom often works for a reclusive lawyer by the name of Hel Logesdottir.

About this time, Delilah had her first prophecy, and she knew that someday she would be forced to make a decision and regardless of what decision she made, she'd betray someone she cared about.

Concept: Prophetic Private Eye
Short Term Deed: Intellect - Get a case to solve
Long Term Deed: Loyalty - Escape the trap of betrayal
Divine Parent: Loki
Calling: The Trickster (Later she would take The Leader and The Judge as she gained command of several supernatural beings and developed into her role as a punisher of evil. I would have started her as The Judge, but she has to start similar to her father and Trickster is the only thing she has in common with him.)
Calling: Doomed Traitor - Delilah's vision that she will eventually betray someone is central to her thoughts. She wants to avoid it if she can and assume it will be a choice between her father and innocents when Ragnarok comes down. (my personal theory is it was the Anti-Christ thing, which came at me out of the blue when I realized what she was being set up for) - Occult, Integrity, Academics
Pantheon: My Half-Sister's Investigator - Hel is Delilah's primary contact with the Aesir and someone with whom she can vent about their father's propensity for tricking everyone and leading them around by the nose. (One exchange went "Has Dad told you what he's planning?" "Does Father tell anyone what he has planned for them?") - Firearms, Investigation, Occult
Origin: Catholic Ex-Cop - Loki crafted her upbringing to have her be devoutly Catholic and of good moral character, with an especially high concept of justice and loyalty. (in the previous campaign, it turned out he was putting her forth as a potential Anti-Christ on the idea that she would make it about punishment of the wicked where as the other two candidates, a daughter of Apollo and son of Poseidon, were more focused on vanity and savagery, respectively) - Empathy, Integrity, Investigation

Abilities: Academics: 3, Empathy: 2, Firearms: 2, Integrity: 4, Investigation: 3, Occult: 5, Persuasion: 1, Subterfuge: 3
Force Attributes: Intellect 3, Might 2, Presence 2
Finesse Attributes: Cunning 4, Dexterity 2, Manipulation 3
Resilience Attributes: Resolve 4, Stamina 3, Composure 4

Knacks: In Sheep's Clothing, Smoke and Mirrors, Takes One to Know One

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