Monday, January 29, 2018

Rebuilding Juri Como - Scion 2nd Edition

Scion Builds

Juri Como has always known she's something a bit special though she didn't specifically know that she was the daughter of a goddess for most of her life. She was born in the realms of the jurougumo who were giving succor and shelter to Benten while the goddess was under threat from the Titans. Her father was an Italian-Australian man whom her mother had met at PAX-Australia in Melbourne and as soon as possible, Benten left their daughter in his care. She always had a bit of a knack for talking to spiders and often had spiders around or on her which did favors.

True to her mother's heritage, Juri has always been lovely, or perhaps it's more appropriate in her case to say that she is incredibly cute. Even more so, however, Juri inherited her mother's artistic nature, diving into the art of manga writing and sketching. She began to post a webcomic by the title of Combat Hurricane, a dimension hopping tale of action and battle that stepped along the expectations of shounen and seinen style anime. Having always been aware of the supernatural, she often worked in anecdotes she'd heard from older heroes and supernaturals, helping spread their legend that little bit more. When her webcomic attracted the attention of an anime studio, it impressed her mother enough to give her a visitation.

Concept: The Great Mangaka
Short Term Deed: Write the next chapter of Combat Hurricane.
Long Term Deed: Chronicle the Ascension of a New Hero 
Divine Parent: Benten
Calling: The Creator
Calling: The Great Mangaka - Above everything else, Juri seeks to be known as a great artist and storyteller the world over. She tends to prefer making stories of action and adventure, though has been known to interject a bit of romance now and then. - Academics, Culture, Empathy
Pantheon: Clever Daughter of Benten - As a daughter of Benten, Juri is beautiful, clever, intelligent, artistic, and lucky. She has a fondness for seeming a bit air-headed and goofy. It keeps people on their toes. - Persuasion, Culture, Subterfuge
Origin: Kawaiiko Kumo-Tomodachi - The spiders have always talked to Juri and always tended to treat her as a great friend. Small swarms of them tend to follow her about, even hiding in her clothes, and will do what they can to help her. She has learned a bit of cunning from them. - Persuasion, Empathy, Subterfuge

Abilities: Academics: 3, Culture 5(Mangaka), Empathy: 4(Genuine Feels), Persuasion: 4, Subterfuge: 4, Survival: 2, Athletics: 1
Force Attributes: Intellect 3, Might 1, Presence 5
Finesse Attributes: Cunning 3, Dexterity 3, Manipulation 5
Resilience Attributes: Resolve 3, Stamina 3, Composure 4

Knacks: Perfect Rendition
Birthrights: Spider Swarms, Drawing Board

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