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The Receiving Station - Airship Lost - Sessions Six and Seven Gameplay Discussion

The characters are still a bit focused on making the shard safe and habitable. After session seven, I've mostly relegated the shard issues to being downtime unless I have a specific story in mind for them to deal with.

Play grid for session six and part of session seven
Play grid for investigation and fight in session seven.
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I totally intended to do a report of session six and avoid repeating my mistake from the previous report. And then winter vacation happen. And planes happened. And fun with family happened. And fast forward to now and I had spent about a month since the last time we'd played and was about to have the next session. Session six was fairly short as I was getting ready for the trip the following week and turned out mostly to be preparation and challenges.

The players are pretty good at keeping a single powerful enemy busy and at bay while other party members whittle it down. In this case, Rudyard had pre-set the area up with mines and Akiko used a lot of illusions for various distraction and blinding purposes. During the actual fight, Rudyard and Lydia did most of the attacking. Aislin, meanwhile decided that everybody else had things well in hand and focused on fixing the gate room and the Somebody-Else's-Problem Field that kept the shard's beasts from paying attention to the building.

Another thing is that I compelled Amaya/Akiko to go and try to help Aeryn and then I realized that their player wasn't still playing the Ainur/Visionary from the Wasps Among Butterflies campaign and so partly panicked until I realized she had Wannabe Psyche Secretary which was enough justification for her to have some basic ideas on how to do exorcism and break a curse. As a side note, this makes something like the third or fourth attempt at amateur exorcism in my Divine Blood campaigns, and, as with the previous attempts, it resulted in the person trying it gaining a major consequence.

One fun thing was to have Veruca Carter; the mother of Melody Carter, an annoying high school queen bee from the second campaign; as one of the one-percenter passengers


Lover not a Fighter - Against Lydia during the fight with the Cockatrice

Humanotech is Beneath Me - To cause Aislin to misjudge the needs for a helicopter to land.

Stony Hand - To cause continued Stress to Aeryn until Akiko treated her. 

I'm Helping - To get Akiko to help Aeryn.

I seriously need to compel more often.


Akiko - To allow Amaya to shift personalities.

Mined - To lure the cockatrice onto mines.

Honeyed Tongue - By Lydia to argue with Veruca Carter

Lover Not a Fighter - By Lydia to argue with Veruca Carter 

Second in Command - By Rudyard to argue a point with Captain Fry

Broken Concrete - By Akiko to shove debris onto the cockatrice

To Find and Preserve Nature - By Lydia to examine the site of the Receiving Center

Trained by Aphrodite and Artemis - By Lydia in fighting the cockatrice.

More than Smoke and Mirrors - By Akiko to break the stoning curse.

Wannabe Psyche Secretary - By Akiko to break the stoning curse.

Scavenging and Scrounging - By Amaya to repair the broken walls

Disrupted Illusions - By the group to make the Displacer Wolves run away.

Watching the Wolves - By me to allow the cockatrice to get to the wall unseen.

Warning Shout - To prevent the helicopter from crashing. - I had still expected someone to be thrown clear, but Pilot Dan rolled REALLY well on top of the party spending to help him.

Ashvattha Refresher Course - To help Aislin fix things.


Wannabe Psyche Secretary - To allow Akiko/Amaya to do amateur exorcism

Intershard MacGuyver - To allow Aislin to start to repair the gate facility and link it to the facility she made in the Sol Suna

Piracy Deterrents - To grant Rudyard military weapons, as normal. 

Daughter of Artemis and Aphrodite - To allow Lydia to notice the cracking of the SEP Field

Deaf to all but the Song - To keep Aislin focused on the gate room...for which I may owe her a Fate Point.

Craftsman Needs No Tools - To allow Aislin to build a helicopter pad and fix the gate room via shaping techniques to transmute matter.


Stony Hand - Minor - On Aeryn as a result of the cockatrice being knocked into her.

Arm Covered in Blood Blisters - Major - On Akiko/Amaya when breaking the stone curse on Aeryn.

Bloodied - Minor - On the cockatrice due to Rudyard's squad assault weapon fire.

Impaled - Major - On the cockatrice due to Lydia's mana bow

Bloody Mess - On the cockatrice due to Rudyard's mines.

Severely Tenderized - On the cockatrice due to Rudyard's mines, invoked by Aislin.

Dead - On the cockatrice due to Lydia's mana bow.


Layman's Info Dump

Not Enough Room


Disrupted Illusions


(Blinded by Dust)

(Rapid Standing)


(Knocked Over)

Buried in Rubble

Someone Else's Problem Field

Broken Circle

Replacement Parts

"Not Fit for Heavy Storms"

Calling Attention

Repaired Walls

Watching for a Lie

Breaking it all Down

Warning Shout

Weak Point

Watching the Wolves

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