Friday, February 2, 2018

The Hymns of Arrival - Celtic Wolf's Campaign - Session 1

Character Journal 

The First Hymn of Arrival

Xirena has been waiting since ancient days; no one, not a one, is so patient as she.
This I assert as her designated messenger; my heart bursts with fires fresh and new.
I glory; I sing; I revel; in the cascading shower of my goddess's blessing.
I have been carried forward and away and out of the grasp of Tikzotl's following.
Let her crashing wave cleanse the blood-spilled from my blood-born.
Xirena has opened the path before me to be clean; and she takes me now North.
And I shall seek there, in this new ground, a place to take root and give glory.

The Second Hymn of Arrival

Phane shines great and bright above us atop a cascade of water.
This I assert as the newly coming visitor; I swell in hope; she gives a joyous omen.
It shimmers; it thunders; it flows; the water is her blessing and manifest great.
I have been wrapped in the cold of the gloaming darkness, born on the icy wind.
Let the clatter and call of the people wrap me in their noisy embrace.
Phane is rife with lives inhuman; more in minutes than all my prior years.
And I shall be so close and yet so far; walled behind cloak and scarf and hood.

The Third Hymn of Arrival

Fate provides a sign of troubles before us; the first trickle of spilled blood.
This I assert as a participant in the fight; we stood before this goblinoid rage;
With glaive, with song, with blessings; the raiders were fell to their own violence.
I have been guided to comrades of skill; they carry with them such valor.
Let my goddess grant us her guidance; let us be the bearers of freedom.
Fate has brought me here to prove myself to this city rising above the sacred waters.
And I shall seek the opportunities to make clear the worth of my kind mistress.

The Fourth Hymn of Arrival

Anchor rages strong and loudly as a clapping thunder strike; his glaive gleams.
This I assert as a witness to his strength; in striking down one raider after another.
He roared; he struck; he stood; his prowess was clear in each and every motion.
I have seen the glaive in his hand strike heavy and hard with the weight of the sky.
Let my mistress's waters wash away his wounds that the fire of his rage persist.
Anchor shall scatter his foes like wind scatters the driving rain into so many stones.
And I shall bring the fire of Xirena's heart to protect and aid him in his battles.

The Fifth Hymn of Arrival

Naps-in-Strange-Places sings a beautiful song dancing on the air into the ears.
This I assert as one who has heard the music of his fingers and his voice clear.
He plucked; he strummed; he soared; the beauty of crystalline sound.
I have heard music of many kinds great and small back when my blood ran cold.
Let my heart swim in this newfound sensation and give glory and thanks to Xirena.
Naps-in-Strange-Places carries in hand and voice beauty my goddess has opened.
And I shall not again close my eyes or my ears or my very heart to drown it in blood.

The Sixth Hymn of Arrival

Alfred bears a pointed blade in his mind and sharpens it on heart's hard valor.
This I assert as one who has heard the humble words of his simply told tale.
He served; he listened; he discovered; to his dismay corruption in priest's robes.
I have walked the self-same trail; only I knew not the path my feet traveled.
Let my mind take heed of this lesson and never again lead into danger blindly.
Alfred walks in shadows and silence but with honor and courage armed.
And I shall not let this tale of accidental blood from deliberate villain pass away.

The Seventh Hymn of Arrival

The Guild calls upon us to pay our fair tribute to unlock the gifts they can provide.
This I assert as one who has newly joined the rank and the file of this vast power.
They welcome; they provide; they charge; service rendered fairly in return for coin.
I have sought them across many miles carried upon the waves crashing.
Let my service unto them be given in service unto her that has brought me here.
The Guild shall hold away many dangers and  a seed of hope a place to grow.
And I shall not shirk from any task needing one of good and gracious heart.

The Eighth Hymn of Arrival

Nene is a queen uncrowned of lonely cast and kindly thoughts often only glimpsed.
This I assert as one who has had her words in my mind and seen the absence.
She passes; she advises; she leads; from a life of obscure celebrity and shadows.
I have been honored to be offered tea by her hand in her house in this city grand.
Let my meeting this woman of solitude and community mark a genesis.
Nene speaks without a sound and guides her city through the rocks.
And I shall strive forth to be as much a leader as she has been to her people.

Character Journal

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