Friday, February 2, 2018

The Hymns of Zihu Asutali

Zihu Asutali is a yuan-ti celestial warlock I am currently playing in a campaign along with several members of the Loading Ready Run Discord server. It is set in a home brew campaign world which yet has no name.

The map was provided by the GM. It is modified from a map by
The child of a yuan-ti infiltrator and the daughter of a pirate merchant of Atheed, Zihu was initially sheltered from the truth of her family's truly inhuman nature. It was partially a matter of protection as the adult yuan-ti feared the children accidentally revealing something. However, this opened the door for Zihu accidentally stumbling on a text that her yuan-ti consider heretical. Through this tome she ended up making contact with an entity long forgotten whose opinion was antithetical to that of the general perversity of the yuan-ti. A spirit of kindness, compassion, and emotion.

She began to share this new discovery with other young yuan-ti, unaware that it was a dangerous thing. Eventually, the adult yuanti caught on to her allegiance and connection to this celestial spirit. Once they did, they began culling those that had latched on to the heresy. And they did this by revealing the presence of yuan-ti to the humans of Atheed, blowing the covers of all the heretical youngsters as well as a handful of other yuan-ti who sacrificed themselves for the cause. Zihu only barely escaped the slaughter after the mistake of turning to her father and mother for aid and finding that her yuan-ti father and human mother were key to forming this stratagem.

Now on her own, Zihu has traveled north to Phane to join the renowned Adventurer's Guild and seek a way to establish her patron's knowledge and blessings in the world to act counter to those of her peoples' darker serpent spirit of hunger and deception.

The Hymns


  1. Where do you make your maps? That looks fantastic!

    1. The map came from the GM, and yeah it does look fantastic...I'll ask where he got it.

  2. Love the map. Was the Hollow caused by a meteor? I have something similar in my setting. Mine is surrounded by a blasted region due to the meteor (actually a fallen demigod) cracking the crust.

    1. I think it is. Something struck the world leaving this big, empty void.


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