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Piratical Pests - Airship Lost - Sessions Eight, Nine, and Ten

[The camera opens up on the scene of a burned out field with the husks of a few remaining trees here and there. The camera swings wide catching the sight of Rudyard Holt, Aislin Newell, and Yukimura Amaya standing in the middle of it.]

"The burn started here, so the emergency exhaust must be in the area." Aislin noted, sweeping around.

[The camera swings about to show Aeryn's face with a wide smile.]

Hey there! We're looking for the engines for this shard. Apparently, magic extradimensional floating islands have engines.

"It's not magic," Amaya protested off camera.

Well, whatever it is, we're looking for it so we can see about getting them working.

"This seems to be an engineering question, so, if you please."

"Right," Amaya agreed. "I think with the shape of the burn that we'll find the exhaust over there. Where the big pile of ash is."

[The camera swung around to look to where the kitsune was pointing and found where the scorched ground was replaced by grey ash.]

Whoa, is it okay to walk into that? It doesn't look like it's solid ground.

"Don't worry about that." 

[Aislin gestured and suddenly the ash was ripped up into the air. Slowly it started to settle down to ground and the camera was pulled aside as the lens was wiped clean of the gathering ash on its surface. When it refocused again, most of the ash had come to a rest over the area leaving people and charred ground covered in a light grey coating. Already, the small group was dusting themselves off and shaking the ash to the ground. Aislin stepped forward and looked down to a large, metallic structure below, a door at its base to access the structure.]

"Okay, that looks like a maintenance access." 

[The camera turned back to look at Rudyard.]


What is it?

[The camera twisted to look toward Aislin who was pointing further on within the burn area.]

"Someone is coming."

[The space across the way where the Demoness was pointing started to unfold and spiral outward with a sound of wind chimes and revealing a small group of creatures that looked more like demons than Aislin did. They had greyish, stone-like skin and wide, flared ears. One of them had broad, leathern wings and their reverse jointed legs were covered in greaves that seemed to have been made from polished oak. Behind them through the portal was the brief image of a room touched up with a number of dark, wooden structures before it shut closed.]


"I hope they don't think we're with Xanatos."

[Rudyard looked over the gear they were carrying and started to frown.]

"Why do I get a bad feeling about this bunch."

"They're probably poachers. Though I guess it's not poaching if no one owns the area."

[The gargoyles turned to look at the group with wide eyes in surprise before directing cylinders of wood in their direction and speaking in a high-pitched, aggressive tone using a language that Aeryn did not recognize. Aislin responded in a friendly manner, but quickly became guarded until she turned toward the others.]

"They're pirates and slavers!"  

[Rays of brownish light ripped out of the gargoyle's cylinders as Rudyard started firing with his squad-support-weapon. Amaya huddled in shock and surprise, shouting out in Japanese shortly before the ash surrounding them once again erupted into a swirling cloud of stinging ash, taking the forms of massive grey-black foxes.]


[The camera pointed off upward as Aeryn covered her face and darted through the ash. It caught fleeting images of forms running about and the snapping jaws of fox-shaped ash clouds ripped through the field of view until she pushed out into an open area, looking back away towards the massive clouds of ash. Sound was eerily absent as Aeryn worked the camera back around to show Aislin and Rudyard standing beside her.]

There's more of them!

[Aislin's hand pointed out into the camera's view towards where another set of portals was irising open. There was a sound of Aeryn shrieking as a number of gargoyles stumbled out of the ash near the three of them and then immediately started gasping for breath and struggling to get out of the area into another patch where breath seemed to come easier. Some of the gargoyles didn't manage to make the trip and collapsed dead in the silence of the space around the Demoness. Aeryn turned the camera toward Aislin.]

You're doing the vaccuum thing, aren't you? Wait, How are we even talking to each other?

"I'll explain later."

"Stay down, Miss Lee."

[Rudyard warned and began exchanging fire with a group of gargoyles to their right just outside the ash cloud while Aislin lashed out with beams of red vitae from the lizard-like thing attached to one arm and slashing with a whip-like snake on any that came closer.]

Right, right!

[Aeryn pulled back, ducking beside one of the corpses and trying to pull pieces of those cylinder like things the gargoyles were wearing while also directing the camera. She turned and threw one of the cylinders, beaning a gargoyle harmlessly in the face just before the pirate was turned to hamburger by Holt's fire. Aislin was being pressed by one of the gargoyle leaders and one of the pirates in the background was directing a chime toward the Demoness. There was suddenly a flash of brown about the hand and the region about them suddenly flooded with sound again.]

"Hmm. I seem to have been bound."

[As Aislin said that, an ashen kitsune ripped out and pulled several of the gargoyles back into the razor-like mass of swirling ash. Aeryn hurriedly started pulling more cylinders out.]

Maybe this one? Oh, okay, that's a tingle.

[She pointed toward the gargoyles and then boils started erupted up and down her visible arm starting from where she was holding the strange oaken wind chime thing. Aeryn, gasped from behind the camera. While Aislin blinked and briefly flashed red before turning to look at Aeryn.]

Oww! More than a tingle!

"Hmmm, good job."

Owww, that's harder than it looks.

[The camera dropped out of Aeryn's hand and turned to look back up at her as she sat down holding her afflicted arms. While she held her arms a bit closer to herself and looked down into camera, the sounds of the fight continued on around them.]

Okay, I think I'll take a break here for a bit. I may have done something a bit wrong there.

[She reached out, wincing, and tried to turn the camera to catch the last bits of the fight from an awkward grounded position, watching as Rudyard finished his fight and turned to support Aislin. Finally, the ash cloud of demonic kitsune started to settle again, revealing several gargoyle bodies that had been slashed to pieces within the cloud.]

"There's another group that way but something happened with them!" 

"Yes, I felt that. I don't think we have to worry about them."

[Amaya pointed away and slowly, Aeryn stood up, holding her camera gingerly as she followed the group across the scene to find the scattered and gory remains of another group of gargoyles.]

"They tried to rush the gate and well, I believe the term is 'splinched'."

Ewwwww. I think I'm going to shut down the camera for a moment.

[The image goes dark for a bit before it opens up again into two views, one showing a barricaded hallway manned by security and Rudyard and the other showing Aeryn's face in a medical gown as she walks toward the windows to look out.]


[She directs the camera out toward the window to show a massive floating slab of rock off which several gargoyles seemed to be gliding either on natural wings or some sort of wooden hang-glider just a moment before a swarm of winged cats swept up from the trees to tear them into pieces. The other image of the split screen showed a squad of gargoyles appearing out of a portal in the hallway before being torn apart by an explosion and automatic fire.]

We're being attacked by more pirates.

[Aeryn turned the camera back toward her and turned so that the window was behind her as the roaring sound of a sonic boom ripped out from the Sol Suna as an improvised linear accelerator projected something into the floating shard of rock.]

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