Thursday, March 29, 2018

Piratical Pests - Airship Lost - Sessions Eight, Nine, and Ten Gameplay Discussion

This is my first attempt to move toward getting toward other shards and introducing some bad guys that have contact with other settlements. In order to avoid the groups that would have connection to Earth, I went with outlaws that have been exiled from the gargoyles. So they might not know of Earth themselves. Real life issues resulted in this being split out over several sessions and my performance being a bit spotty in places. I've also obviously had trouble getting the reports out on time so I've likely lost some details here and there.

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The burn mark on the shard.

The fight with the gargoyle pirates outside the exhaust

Engine access area and defense plans

The death room and the planned future diplomacy room.

(I've left this report a little too long and only a handful of the Aspects stand out, unfortunately.)


The Uncounted Calamities to have Amaya's attempt to use magic to draw from her godmother go a little bit awry forming the ash cloud of kitsune shapes which was hostile to her friends and enemies.

Humanotech is beneath me to have Aislin forget to arm the C4 when she teleported it over toward the gargoyle's base.


Gargoyle Pirates to allow for the bad guys to recognize what happened to the teams that tried to portal in and were redirected to the death room the players built. They were rolling, VERY badly. Even after they recognized the trap, they lost two more teams to it.


Intershard MacGuyver to allow Aislin to build the defenses to funnel invaders into a particular room in the shard. 

Anti-Piracy Deterrents to help supply all of the barricades and claymores.

Bravura Robotics Club to allow for Amaya to understand the basics of making a linear accelerator or rail gun, which is an existing weapon in Divine Blood.


Depleted(P) applied to Amaya's stash of scavenged supplies so that Rudyard can build the defenses in the hallway.


Yummy Pheromones applied to invading gargoyles by Lydia to make the local monsters want to eat them.

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