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The Hymns of the Fey - Celtic Wolf's Campaign - Session 5

Character Journal

The First Hymn of the Fey

The forest stretched on before us, trees by the score alike.
This I assert as one who has been raised in the city.
We walked; we followed; we trusted; in the daughter of the lady.
I have seen the concern in her face as she realized herself lost.
Let our efforts to find Nakatari not be further afflicted.
Grace's fear of spiders has left us stranded in a sea of flora.
And I shall endeavor to be rested and ready for more danger.

The Second Hymn of the Fey

Naps-in-Secret-Places settled in to be the guard of the watch.
This I assert as one who lay down into sleep under his protection.
We slept; we dreamed; we lay; unaware of the spells wrapped about.
I have awakened to the aftermath of his dryadic encounter.
Let us be ever more vigilant against the trickery of dark fey.
The curse upon our bard dealt a terrible blow when he spoke.
And I shall endeavor to return their treatment of us.

The Third Hymn of the Fey

Azu has been left in unbroken sleep while we dreamed.
This I assert as one who has attempted to shake her free.
We called; we shook; we sung; to end her slumber.
I have worried that this curse foretells terrible things.
Let the plans of the darkling fey be brought to light.
Azu sleeps further on as we continue traveling.
And I shall endeavor to see that this does not continue.

The Fourth Hymn of the Fey

Nakatari has opened up before us out of the forest suddenly.
This I assert as one who turned around a tree and found it there.
We blinked; we stared; we wondered; at the sudden appearance.
I have seen the tiled roofs sloped and bedecked with paper lanterns.
Let Nakatari ever remain unspoiled in the twilight of the world.
The guards took us to spend the night within the prison.
And I shall endeavor to one day be welcomed warmly.

The Fifth Hymn of the Fey

Anchor rankled with our time in the Nakatari cells calling it ingratitude.
This I assert as one who was confident that it was a passing thing only.
I waited; I listened; I watched; as he paced the stones of the Fox Queen.
I have remained patient and waiting for the imprisonment to end.
Let all troubles in life be so simply solved that waiting will set them aside.
The people of Nakatari released from their bondage expected.
And I shall express my thanks for her understanding of our good nature.

The Sixth Hymn of the Fey

Azu trailed behind her mother as wakeful and energetic as ever.
This I assert as one who has watched the fox kit patter this way and that.
She smiled; she laughed; she danced; in the fae light of the village.
I have become fearful that this was too easy a repair of her sleep.
Let all my worries be unfounded and there be no harm in this thing.
Azu deserves no harm to her nor do any other children.
And I shall work to seek the evils to protect such innocents I find.

The Seventh Hymn of the Fey

The white and black fur of a new companion walks along the path.
This I assert as one who has walked in the steps of the fighting bear.
He drank; he laughed; he gargled; a potion quickly down his throat.
I have watched him destroy the monsters that gave us such troubles.
Let us find all our battles end with such ease and little harm.
The panda spoke of his quest to take part  in the coming tournaments.
And I shall expect my comrades to take entrance in such games to come.

The Eighth Hymn of the Fey

The sunlight greets our eyes as we step out of the trees once again.
This I assert as one who has come again to the abandoned camp.
We sighed; we relaxed; we thanked; all the gods above for our escape.
I have praised Xirena for the patience to survive the enchantments.
Let us be far better prepared should we ever need to return to that place.
Phane and Nene waited for us to return once more within the city walls.
And I shall be ready to lay the foundations of Xirena's reverence,

Character Journal

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