Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Counter Attack - Airships Lost - Session Eleven - Gameplay Discussion

A continuation of the previous stories and my attempts to move on toward more exploration, this will get several NPCs added into the mix that will give them some directions to head to look for new places and possibly a way home. This presents the party's assault on the gargoyle pirate field base. I ended up conceding victory before the commander of the slaver base could be encountered because the players were tearing through her forces quite well.

As a note, using minion enemies, where each mechanical entity represents a team rather than an individual, speeds up combat and makes the heroes seem extremely competent. This is great for this sequence. Especially in comparison to the long fight against the single cockatrice from earlier.

As a side note, I seem to have picked up on the lessons of running action sequences from the previous campaign better and I'm getting playful quips advertising action and doing mystery or advertising exploration and doing action.

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To keep everyone on the same page, I added the gargoyle base to the grid from last week.


Squad Assault Weapon - To force Rudyard to check for whether or not he'd need to reload. He rolled exceptionally well for a while.

Lover not a Fighter - To reduce one of Lydia's attacks by 2.

Incorrigible Trickster - To suggest the idea that loading the rail gun with paint would be interesting.

Solidity Blast - To force Lydia and Rudyard have to resist force to stay on their feet.

Defensive Redirect - To place the attackers outside the fort instead of in the control room. Later circumvented by Aislin.

Primitive Open Construction - To make the gargoyle crews on the invasion platforms vulnerable to paint and fragmentary grenades.

Depleted - To increase the difficulty of recreating the ammo for the linear accelerator. 

Out of Ammo - To prevent Rudyard from firing his gun.

Don't Speak the Language - To increase the difficulty of Rudyard's attempt to intimidate the gargoyles.

Human Batteries - To force Aislin's difficulty higher to keep her vacuum creation spell from killing the slaves being drained as batteries for the shard.


Trained by Artemis - To aid an attack

Piracy Deterrents -  So that Rudyard could have grenades.

Under the Defenses - So that Aislin could move ahead to the control room.

Trained by Rudyard - To increase the Sol Suna's defensive roll.

Evasive Maneuvers - To increase the Sol Suna's defensive roll. 

Eat-Me Pheromones - To create a swarm of animals to attack one of the Invasion platforms. 

Edge of Platform - To shove the pirate lieutenant off the tower at the beginning of the fight.



Scavenge and Salvage - To find paint for the paint shot.

More than Smoke and Mirrors - To allow Akiko to create decoy images of the Sol Suna

Trained by Sempai - To allow Akiko to create a vacuum on one of the invasion platforms to finish it off.

Gargoyle Slaver Base - To allow for having lots of bad guys. Some of them ended up retreating. 

Mana-Bow - Allowing Lydia to fire her weapon.


I don't think I applied any consequences to players in this, though characters received Stress and pushed their resources rather hard. I didn't feel like I had enough justification in play to bring in more forces and push them harder to add more damage. The Sol Suna took some stress, but nothing that couldn't be easily repaired, Rudyard's armor was roughed up, and the psychics each pushed close to some minor corruption.


In Space No One Can Hear you Breathe - Created by Aislin in the control room and a less severe version created by Akiko on the invasion platform.

Paint-Covered - Created on one of the Invasion platforms by Akiko.

Flashbang - Created by Rudyard on some of the gargoyles.

Enhanced Senses - To aid Lydia in using her bow.

Enhanced Reflexes - To aid Lydia in using her bow.

Enhanced Senses - To aid Akiko/Amaya in observing the Invasion Platforms

Mirrored Sol Suna - To create decoy images of the Sol Suna.

Go Pro Get - To give the GM justification for having the fight with Rudyard, Lydia, and the pirates reach Aeryn's vlog.

Malcolm's Ashvattha Phone - To give the GM justification for having Aislin's adventures reaching Aeryn's Vlog.

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