Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Counter Attack - Airship Lost - Session Eleven

[The camera is running on a split screen between the guards watching the trapped hallway quietly and standing at the window in the medbay as Aeryn scans through the sky before focusing on a large slab of floating rock seeming to materialize out of nowhere into the small atmosphere and coming level with the Sol Suna so that they could see the forms of several gargoyles walking around atop near a platform of some sort.]

"Miss Lee, would you please get back to the bed and stay away from the windows!"

Just a minute, doctor, I have to film this. Wow, these are like actual pirates and, hey, what's that?

[The camera from the med-bay swings around to the other side of the ship to see another of the rock platforms. Aeryn's blood-boil-covered hand whipped out into the frame as she called back, the quality of the sound indicating that she had looked back over her shoulder.]

There's another of the things over here!

"That's not cause for celebration, stay away from the windows."

[On the other split screen, the sealed door beyond the barricaded hallway shook in the wake of a heavy blast as her camera was snatched up and Mr. Holt's voice was heard.]

"Captain, we're heading to the enemy's base to cut things off."

"All right, Mr. Holt we'll keep matters safe here."

[Aislin leaned over to take hands with Lydia and Rudyard before the view of the camera is obscured in a grey smoke and resolving into a forested view wide with oak trees and facing a tall oaken fortress. On the other side of the screen, Aeryn ignored the calls of the doctor and walked out into the hallway in time to see a familiar white-eared kitsune girl with two tails rushing by with a lot of paint cans.]

Hey, Amaya! Wha-

"Akiko! Amaya's not out right now!"

Right, Akiko what's going on there are more of those platform things!

"Miss Lee, get back in here right now!"

[Aeryn walked to a a window and pointed. On the split screen Aislin looked over toward the fortress.]

"Well, that was a bit more tiring than expected, they seem to have defenses similar to what we put up."

[Brown bolts of energy streaked down from the fortress as Akiko looked out toward the platforms on the other side of the screen.]

"Uhhh....that's not the best thing." 

I know! Right? Who wants to be attacked by pirates?

"Miss Lee, would you please stop bouncing and get back into the medbay.

"Excuse me! I have to take these paint cans on down to the linear accelerator!"

[As Aeryn swept the camera through another set of windows, Akiko produced a momentary flash of amber light before it seemed as if one of the platforms had started firing on the other. Meanwhile Aislin was teleporting again, depositing Rudyard and Lydia on top of the center tower of the fortress before vanishing herself.]

"I'll leave you two to handle this."

[The screen splits to a third image showing a grainy, scratching image from what is labeled as "Ashvatha Cam" coming into a room filled with what appeared to be vague pod-like shapes holding humanoid figures while two gargoyles turned to look at the "camera" and starting to shout before everything goes silent.

The third image takes up a smaller part of the screen as an image worthy of a First Person Shooter game takes the primary view showing a heavy squad weapon unleashing fire on a gargoyle who appeared to be some sort of leader as Lydia launches bolts of blue light across at other towers.]

"There's someone below us!"

"Got it! Fire in the hole!"

[Rudyard's hand was seen dropping down a grenade as a ball of brown energy lifted up between him and the goddess before exploding in time with the grenade below, knocking both the goddess and soldier backwards while the frag grenade below exploded, shaking the tower. 

The main view switched to the Sol Suna medbay as the doctor was sighing and shaking her head.]

"Will please just find a chair or bed to lay in while you film? And....did Miss Yukimura say something about a linear accelerator?"

Umm, yeah. But that's a bit silly right? Where we would we get a linear accelerator.

"I suppose the gravity tethers could be reworked but that would-"

[As they talked a long spray of multicolored liquid ripped away from the Sol Suna before covering one of the invasion platforms as they fired at each other. A moment later, another shell exploded over the other platform showering it in shrapnel. Immediately afterwards, that platform seemed somehow to be moving far more sluggishly while the newly painted platform seemed to be confused and trying to clean itself before drifting lower into the shard.

Switching back the image showed one of the gargoyles in the room shown in the "Ashvattha Cam" choking to death before another is slashed to death with something that looks like a snake. The door to the room opens, revealing several gargoyles coming onward. The person behind the "camera" darted forward to engage them before being shoved back and retreating back into the control room, the soldiers following and choking to death as they hit the silent room devoid of air. 

The image switches again as Rudyard and Lydia leap down a wooden stairwell. Rudyard dropping grenades and loading his gun at the bottom as Lydia fired blue bolts of energy. 

The main image switched again as a swarm of flying cats attacked and devoured the crew of the paint covered platform and the other was struck again by another rail-gun propelled bit of ammunition, killing all the gargoyles on top of it.

After that the screen went black, as cameras were shut off.] 

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