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Hilde Sifgard - Scion of Sif - Scion 2nd Edition

Fill-in art by go commission her
Primary: Role Path: Daredevil Media Darling – Celebrity: Athletics, Empathy, Persuasion (Fans, Media Personalities, Broadcasting and Streaming Studios)
Secondary: Pantheon Path: A child of thunder and gold – Aesir: Close Combat, Culture, Occult (Siblings, Aesir, Norse Temples)
Tertiary: Origin Path: World-traveler by the age of three – Adventurer: Athletics, Culture, Survival (Anthropologists, Travel Agents, Border Crossings)

Lover * – Knack: Firebrand (Inverse of Soothing Presence, Increase all attitudes by 1. Attempts to rouse emotions are rolled with an Enhancement of 1.) 

Keywords: None yet.
Titles: None yet.


Hair of Burning Gold – Relic *** (Part of the Character, Prosperity) 

Tabassum Wazir, Djinn Camera-person - Follower * (Djinn-Camera-person, Entourage, Helpful)
  • Taba is an enabler of some of Hilde's more reckless personality quirks.
  • As a djinn, “Taba” is made of “smokeless fire” and has minor capabilities, including changing sex (though most people rarely notice when they do), but has garnered a legend yet so seems more or less human. They started hanging out with Hilde after her parents stopped a titanspawn trying to spur conflict between djinn and humans in a small Egyptian town. Taba is a bit of an enabler for Hilde.) 

Attributes - Priorities: Physical/Social/Mental 

Force (Favored Approach)
  • Intellect ***
  • Might ****
  • Presence **** 
  • Cunning **
  • Dexterity ****
  • Manipulation * 
  • Resolve ****
  • Stamina ****
  • Composure ****



Athletics ***** (Stunts) 
Culture *** (Fitting in) 
Close Combat *** (Surprise Maneuvers) 
Empathy *** (What they want) 
Integrity **
Occult ** 
Persuasion *** (Pushing Comfort Zones) 
Survival ** 

Legend: 0
Defense: Based on Stamina, Resolve or Composure as appropriate.
  • Bruised - Battered
  • Bruised - Knocked About
  • Injured - Sprained Ankle
  • Maimed - Shrapnel Museum
  • Taken Out

  • Armor - Soft, Resistant: Collision  
  • Pistol - Concealable, Piercing, Lethal, Firearms, Ranged, Loud 
  • Axe -  Lethal, Melee, Thrown, Piercing, Messy

Hilde is the mortal daughter of Sif and Thor, or at least incarnations of them. She’s grown up as her incarnate parents traveled the world under the guise of backpacking YouTubers doing wild and crazy stunts. As such, she’s been on the side-lines throughout her parents’ adventures. Others in the scion community deride her as “the child of the incarnates of perpetual vacation” and others have questioned whether Thor is actually her father. She often wonders why that would matter but does point out that if that were the case she’d have been raised by her mortal father rather than on their travels. Now moving into adulthood, Hilde is looking to prove herself. She’s started producing her own videos and appearing on various internet and television extreme sports shows. Her parents have commented at times and seem encouraging, but to date she has gone without a true visitation so she knows she hasn’t truly earned her place with the heroes yet. 

Short-Term Deeds
  • Courage – Do something crazy, dangerous, or both. 
  • Defiance - Get my axe back from the monkey before the end of the fight. (Failed)
  • Exceptionalism - Have somebody notice my hair is literally gold, not just golden.

Long-Term Deeds
  • Piety – Be allowed to use footage from her expedition on her YouTube channel.

Band-Term Goal: Undetermined

Session 1

Did something dangerous and crazy.
3 XP (3 XP Total)

Session 2

2 XP (5 XP Total)

Session 3

2 XP (7 XP Total)

Session 4

Story Milestone - Met Shi
3 XP (10 XP Total)

Scenario 1 Complete

+1 Cunning
Notice I shorted myself 2 skill points in creation, add to Integrity
0 XP (0 XP Total / 10 XP Spent)

The Epic of Hilde Sifgard

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