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The Epic of Hilde Sifgard

Until I can get a unique pic, have an pic and go commission her.
So, Scion 2nd edition is coming out and it is a vast improvement on the first edition. Among other things they've broadened the number of origins you can have. 
  • You can be mortal chosen by a god.
  • You can be a supernatural creature.
  • You can be a child of a god as the first edition revolved around things.
  • You could have been created
  • You could have been raised in a fantasy version of the real world to prepare you for life among mortals.
  • You could be a hero constantly reincarnating over many lives
  • You could be a reformed titanspawn
  • You can be one of many incarnates of the famous gods.
  • Lots of possibilities.
 The game itself is a nice blend of Storyteller, Fate, Powered by the Apocalypse, and a few other systems. My gaming group has been waiting for this for about three years now so we're already getting started using the backer-previews. So here's Hilde Sifgard my new character.

The basic idea of the campaign is that we have been chosen by a secret organization by the name of SELF to explore some worlds that have been revealed by a magical artifact of some time. The Director, one Jedda Hurley, isn't too impressed with us and is sending us on under duress. The first team she chose has stopped contacting them and gone missing so our first mission is going to be to find and rescue the first four people sent in.

As to the members of the band:
  • Solveig Lillith Schimmrigk - A surrendered titanspawn sponsored by Apollo. She has a thing for tech and piloting. Apollo wants her to see him as a father but she views him as a parole officer.
  • Michael "Mike" Grange - A janitor who has put incredible effort at remaining as exactly average as possible. His powers touch on those of brownies and other fey which get work done without attention.
  • Hayley/Diane/Lauren - A young woman who unknowingly has multiple personalities and who's amazing skills sometimes don't work the way she expects.
  • Hayden Dakes - A college student and something of a flirtatious person who has no idea what the hell is going on or why he's been chosen. Unknowingly a kitsune.
  • Hilde Sifgard - A daughter of incarnates of Sif and Thor with golden hair and incredibly forthright and direct attitude. 
Character Sheet

Hilde's Journal
Interdimensional Idols
The Redheads' Accounts

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