Wednesday, June 27, 2018

That didn't go according to plan - Yakki Koto Kiku - Session 1

"I swear, I have no idea why everybody is freaking out. I was just looking for my earring and in the lost and found and everybody freaked out."

My attempt at playing this off as a misunderstanding is a bit undone by the fact that three security guards are currently struggling to hold me down. To my credit, I don't usually have to worry about security guards and cops. I've had to avoid competitors to the team of aggressive archaeologists I was part of and I've had to dodge animals, and traps. And occasionally there are weird things like zombies.

Or, you know, ancient fox people that'll bind you to service in exchange for getting you out of a collapsing tomb.

Anyway, so it started off with getting a word about a rather high paying job that Zak was insistent that I take. And I don't have much choice in the matter when Sak gets insistent, so here I was. In any case, we were supposed to meet at some place at 10:14 so I showed up a bit early and looked around to make sure everything was above board. I say "we" because there were some other people there as well.

Leigh is a courier of some definite skill. I've worked with her before during the time when I was with Wilma, Michael, and everybody. I should say the crew worked with her, mostly in the matter of delivering stuff to its buyers when we'd recovered it. Hana I went to talk to about kitsune the first time I got a chance to go do my own thing. She's an occult expert. Morgan is...well, a little scary but competent enough.

We're supposed to be recovering a piano from a museum, apparently it used to belong to Napoleon. This is a little bit fresher of a find than I usually involve myself with. It has owners, security, people looking at it, press attention, cameras. Things like that. Normally I only have to deal with curses, booby traps, hungry animals, and the like.

The guy hiring us is a Mr. Fredericks and he has that very pristine sort of dressing style that makes me twitch a bit. He has some very particular limits on the job that make me think that he owns the whole deal anyway and could manage this through legal means if he really wanted to. Anyway, we decided to get on with matters.

Hana and Morgan went off to do research so they probably missed the majority of the chaos. Leigh and I went to go take a look at the museum. Things went a little bit off the rails there. The security managed to catch on to Leigh a bit and pull her off to the side, though she got in.

I went in a bit and looked around for signs of our opposition. Oh, right, this was an audition and there's a team out there trying to stop us from getting the piano. And if we damage ANYTHING its on everybody, both teams. And we all fail.

Anyway, I didn't see sign of our opposition, so I decided that maybe I should leave them a false trail by fiddling a bit with the information on her smartphone. So I went up to the guard station and tried to pick it up and toy around with it. But he caught on really fast and grabbed my hand asking me what I was doing. I tried to say I was looking for earrings that I think of it, I haven't worn earrings in a while...I may not...shit, my ears aren't pierced anymore.

Well that explains why that lie didn't work very well.

Anyway, he started to call for security that they had a I sort of did that trick I picked up from Zac and made him disappear for a second or two...which is when the entire museum started chasing after me. I got clear to the entrance, but there wasn't anyway out that way. It was a sort of rotating door type thing, and by that time there was a sea of security between me and the exit.

I didn't get that far.

The police came and, well, you saw what happened with that above. I gave them the name Mary Cummings and they didn't exactly react well to the fact I wasn't carrying ID.

My Fair Scion

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