Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Yakki Koto Kiku - Scion 2nd Edition

This is the index page for the ongoing adventures of my scion character Lily Watson. A young woman unaware that she's a scion of Inari or that the weird fox-person that she accidentally freed and is now bound to is another incarnation of said God.

She makes questionable choices.

Zak, the incarnate in question is interested in making her into a proper scion and hero of the kami.

Fake Names:

  • Mary Cummings
    • Caused a disturbance at the Powerhouse
    • Escaped a police station
    • Had an encounter with some sorority girls.
People I've Met:
  • Sophia, probably the protective sorority girl
  • Cut up sorority girl who was crying a lot.
  • Red-headed snitch sorority girl
  • Mousy sorority girl with a crush on Sophia
  • Scept-or, a guy with a plastic scepter that has a taser taped to it. AKA Taser-face.
  • Pistol guy, guy who had a pistol that worked with Scept-or.
  • Sniper, guy with magic to see from weird angles and who does a lot of math.
  • Axeguy, has a huge axe that turns into a spear or fist-daggers.
  • Blunder Twins, the team that was supposed to destroy the piano.
  • Fredicks, guy who hired us for this job.
  • Citrine, Secretary lady, think she's a bit magic herself. Works for Fredricks.

People I know:

  • Wilma, led the tomb raider crew I was part of until recently.
  • Michael, former member of the same team who snatched my first solo find out from under me.


  • Emma, cut up the sorority girl's face and will be "getting hers"

The Questionable Adventures of Lily Watson

Leigh's Perspective

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