Sunday, July 15, 2018

Cheyenne Belmont Character Sheet

Concept: Police Computer Forensics Specialist
Chronicle: Blackmouth
Virtue: Righteous
Vice: Perfectionist


  • Mental
    • Intelligence ***
    • Wits **
    • Resolve ***
  • Physical
    • Strength **
    • Dexterity **
    • Stamina **
  • Social
    • Presence **
    • Manipulation **
    • Composure ***


  • Mental
    • Academics **
    • Computer *** (Forensics, Encryption)
    • Crafts
    • Investigation *** (Connections)
    • Medicine
    • Occult
    • Politics ** (Law Enforcement)
    • Science *
  • Physical
    • Athletics *
    • Brawl
    • Drive *
    • Firearms * 
    • Larceny
    • Stealth *
    • Survival
    • Weaponry
  • Social
    • Animal Ken
    • Empathy * (Suspicious Behavior)
    • Expression *
    • Intimidation
    • Persuasion *
    • Socialize *
    • Streetwise *
    • Subterfuge **


  • Defense: 2
  • Health: 8
  • Initiative: 5
  • Size: 5
  • Speed: 9
  • Willpower: 6
  • Integrity: 7


  • Professional Training: Detective ***
    • Asset Skills: Computer, Empathy, Investigation
    • Contacts: FBI, Blackmouth PD **
  • Patience *
  • Good Time Management *
  • Multi-Lingual (Hindi, Tamil) *
  • Resources *


  • Short-Term: Identify a part of the corruption in the precinct.
  • Short-Term: Have a calm day without any tension.
  • Long-Term: Accumulate evidence and a case to turn over to the feds.

Breaking Points

  • What is the worst thing you’ve done?
    • When one of her coworkers had their computer open she reached over to an open email and clicked “reply to all” without reading what was there then just left the open prompt. The email that went out exposed the sending cop as corrupt but before he could be questioned, he supposedly committed suicide by jumping off a building. She blames herself and it is how she realized there was pervasive corruption in the precinct.-
    • Seeing the terrible consequences of your own reckless action.
  • What is the worst thing your character can see themselves doing?
    • Cheyenne knows that she has a predatorial streak to herself and finds it credible that she could destroy someone’s will and hope. She has kept this part of her leashed to date, mostly satisfying it via her gaming though given how much of that lacks face-to-face, it’s a mild fulfilment. She has enjoyed some of watching the criminals she helps convict despair. -
    • Destroy someone who doesn’t deserve it.
  • What is the worst thing your character can imagine someone else doing?
    • She has seen a of of bad things done even in her short two years as a police officer and her life leading up to that. The worst thing she can imagine someone doing is impersonally and heartlessly order the death or destruction of another human being. Even the serial killer that tortures someone feels less horrible to her than someone who knowingly institutes policy that will ruin lives for their own profit. -
    • Twist the law to her own purposes.
  • What haunts your dreams?
    • She has been having a recurring dream in which it seems she’s in a smoke-shrouded hall of mirrors. She can see images of herself walking alongside, not always in time with her own motions, but she can never remember touching the sides of the walls. She hears a sibilant voice whispering to her that she is no hero. Maybe the voice is coming from her reflections, or maybe there is something in the shadows. -
    • Be faced with evidence of her own guilt.
  • What is the most traumatic thing that has happened to you?
    • The most traumatic thing she has experienced was trying to calm down Lydia leading into a physical confrontation. This was near the end of Lydia’s downward spiral that eventually saw her institutionalized. She still remembers how raw and terrifying Lydia’s nascent madness was. -
    • Be forced to fight one of her loved ones.


  • Completing 100 Questions - 1 XP bonus (possibility for more when all answers are read)
  • First Session - 1 Beat 
  • Second Session - 4 Beats 
  • Third Session - 2 Beats
  • Totals
    • 2 XP - 2 Beats Current
    • 0 Spent
    •  2 XP - 2 Beats Total
Character Journal

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