Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Nightmares of Cheyenne Belmont - Chronicles of Darkness - City of Blackmouth

At the beginning of the year, a friend of my spoke of plans to run a Chronicles of Darkness game and now, after several bumps and bruises of life, we've come to the first sort of session for it. Mostly we finished up characters, but had one small scene that we got to play out before we ended for the night, next session yet to be scheduled. So time to open up a journal for this character.

Yes, that is Agam Darshi.
I built the character without realizing which splat we were moving toward and I didn't exactly have an idea of what character I wanted to play. I started with a random name generation on the Behind-the-Name website and got Cheyenne, I picked up the surname Belmont due to having watched the Castlevania anime at about the same time. I had also had one of my periodic cases of Rally Vincent appreciation, who is half Indian and half English, resulting in me going looking for pics of Agam Darshi since I can't afford to commission art right now. Amusingly, Cheyenne isn't the action sort, she's a computer investigations specialist.

Regardless, this is an interesting case where I don't have a set forward plan for a character to guide myself other than some basic notions of what type of creature she's going to be and what her current goals are. That said, the GM provided us with a 100-question survey to optionally fill out to build the character. So I have a very firm idea of where she's coming from. I'm looking forward to this.

As a side note, this is in the same campaign city where Emma Terreal lives.

Character Sheet


100 Questions


All is Prologue

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