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Virtuacon Divine Blood Games: The Dunadan of Avalon

Avalon is one of the major secret societies in the world of Divine Blood.

The majority of civilians that have heard of them mostly know them as a mercenary group that specializes in rescue and counter terrorism operations.

The characters are part of an upright piloting squadron known as the Dunadan.  They have a reputation for being among the most skilled upright pilots in the world.  In addition, they usually have access to the most advanced upright models, operating as a primary field test before the models enter use by the governments of the free world.

There are two primary models being used by Avalon right now: RIM-5 Thestrel.  MU-7 Errant.

Rowling Industries Model 5 Thestrel Reconnaissance Vehicle

General Motors Military Unit 7 Errant Assault Upright

Uprights are humanoid shaped robots ranging from 11 to 16 feet tall.  They are used in construction and military purposes.  Main battle tanks remain the heaviest weapon platforms, but most countries prefer the mobility offered by uprights.

Warsaw Pact also makes heavy use of spider-tanks, which are multi-limbed vehicles.  They use them as heavier weapons platforms, troop transports and other uses.


Seats are the operating leaders of the various regions Avalon operates in.  The Tinuviel Seat, for example is the officer responsible for operations in the South Pacific and around Australia.

The characters are attached to the Beowulf Seat responsible for Northern Europe operations.  This includes research, intelligence, financial, political and military operations. However, your characters are Dunadan, simple soldiers performing tasks.

Character Backgrounds

Avalon recruits from all over the world.  They are very particular about whom they recruit both in terms of morality and skill. That said, they do recruit a number of former members of more oppressive companies and organizations.  Most famously, it is a whispered rumor that Gaetana Trolleti is a former asset of the Path of the Golden Dawn, an older and more sinister secret society.

Former military and hot shot mercenaries are both scouted for recruitment into the organization.

Due to the focus on uprights and military conflict, psychics, non-humans and Immortals are not appropriate concepts.

Players can choose their preference of the two listed upright models above and whichever modification they desire.

They should take the Model as a fourth Aspect so that you might have the following:

High Concept: Elite Upright Pilot
Trouble: Troubled Past
Aspect: Filled with Determination
Aspect: MU-7 Errant Shield Knight


High Concept: Daredevil Hotshot
Trouble: Rash Overconfidence
Aspect: Born at the Controls
Aspect: RIM-5 Thestrel Standard

Other than that the character creation is normal

Fate Accelerated Character Creation Summary

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