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Gods and Monsters Regions

A summary of how regions work in Gods and Monsters.

Regions begin as large, homogenous areas with either one or two aspects, but no more: a concept and an optional refinement. These aspects can be invoked by anyone within the region. During play, the gods can change these aspects, creating sub-regions by adjusting the refinement, or even redefining the region entirely.

Regions begin as intentionally bland. They are a blank page for the gods to play with.

Each region has a regional stunt which can be used only by gods who have marked the region.


Sub-regions are smaller areas within regions where conditions are broadly the same but different in one or two particulars. A sub-region has the same concept and regional stunt as its parent region, but a different refinement. If the parent doesn't yet have a refinement, then when it gains a refinement, it can split off into a sub-region. A region can have any number of sub-regions.

Basic Regions

We are using the basic regions from the Gods and Monsters book.

  • The Forest Primeval
    • Concept: Pre-Human Forest
    • Refinement: Life In All Its Forms 
    • Stunt: Ancient Heart of the Forest - Bury secrets.
  • The Rugged Peaks
    • Concept: Falling Down is Easy, Getting Up is Hard 
    • Stunt: Proud and unassailable - Ignore one attack but losing the fight has consequences.
  • The Ocean
    • Concept: Elemental Fury
    • Refinement: Wonders and Terrors in Equal Measure
    • Stunt: Terror from the Deep - Call for aid from a monster of the deep.
  • The Trackless Desert
    • Concept: Unforgiving
    • Stunt: Dust to Dust - Teleport to desert.
  • The Sweeping Plains
    • Concept: Wide Open
    • Stunt: Majesty -  Grant person purpose.
  • The First City
    • Concept: Heaving with Humanity
    • Refinement: The Start of Something Big
    • Stunts: Crowdsourcing - Ask the city for aid.
  • The Second City?
    • Given the scenario that the characters have created/altered their own races. It is possible that they have established a second city and the first city is their enemy. This is not necessary though. Communities can exist in any of the regions.
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