Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gods and Monsters Communities

A summary of how Communities work in Gods and Monsters.

Communities have approaches like the gods do but have a different set. They still get the standard distribution of (+3, +2, +2, +1, +1, +0)

  • Culture - Arts and "ambience"
  • Integrity - Resist the forces of change.
  • Subtlety - Skulduggery in the community.
  • Technology - Technical advancement. Rarely start higher than +1.
  • Warfare - The strength and training of the communities military.
  • Wealth - The amount of wealth in the community.
Communities also share the aspects of their Region and Sub-Region.

In this scenario, the communities that are the characters' stations have a third aspect representing what sort of unique trait they were created with by the characters.

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